Using the Module Overview as a Workflow Tool in Intacct

For those of you who are new Intacctusers, you may appreciate knowing this simple tip. In every Intacct module, there is an “Overview” feature that makes it easy for users to follow a logical workflow. This ensures that transactions are processed in the proper order, and frees users from needing to keep track of the order of tasks to perform.

How to Use the Module Overview as a Workflow Tool in Intacct

Step 1

Access the Overview feature.

  • In Intacct, open any module.
  • Go to the bottom of the menu page.
  • Click on the word “Overview,” next to its icon, shown in the highlighted area in this Accounts Receivable screen (Image 1).
Intacct_ModuleOverview Workflow_Image01

Image 1

Step 2

Become familiar with the Overview contents.

The Overview screen (Image 2), has three sections, Data, Tasks, and Reports.

In the “Tasks” section, you will see arrows as visual cues for the transaction process. Each icon links to a task. Users can use this overview as a desktop, to reference the workflow to show the sequence of actions to complete.

Since we have used the Accounts Receivable module for our example, the workflow of tasks shown in this particular Overview is as follows:

  1. Create an Invoice.
  2. Receive Payment.
  3. Make a Deposit.

You may think, “It’s only three tasks. I can remember these steps!” If these were the only actions you needed to take all day, it really would be that simple. However, this is only one piece of a much more complex accounting puzzle, so you may find a visual workflow to be helpful in navigating the overall process.

Intacct_ModuleOverview Workflow_Image02

Image 2

Who sees this overview?

Your company’s Intacct administrators control which users can access each task. This helps ensure a streamlined process, and that only designated team members will be able to execute a particular task.

After your staff is fully trained in Intacct and regularly use the software, this feature may not be as necessary. However, this tool gives your organization an advantage in the first stages of learning Intacct after company-wide implementation and makes for a smoother training process when introducing the software to new employees.

To learn more about using Intacct for your business, please contact a MicroAccounting representative. We look forward to talking with you.