QuickBooks vs Sage Intacct Construction

10 Reasons to Switch from QuickBooks to Sage Intacct Construction

While many construction firms are quick to employ innovative tools in the field, back-office accounting software often remains in the shadows. As a result, small- and mid-sized contractors and other construction companies continue to hang onto older technology—specifically QuickBooks. Here’s a comparison of QuickBooks vs Sage Intacct Construction and ten reasons why upgrading could be the renovation you’ve been waiting for.

QuickBooks vs Sage Intacct Construction: Unearthing the Real Issues

Life’s Better in the Cloud

Yes, there’s a QuickBooks online version, but it has even less functionality than the on-premise edition.

Instead of continuing to invest in an antiquated, on-premise accounting system, leading construction businesses have turned to SaaS and cloud-enabled applications like Sage Intacct. That’s because they need flexible and agile financial applications that are relatively easy to implement, configure, access, and update.

The Financial Visibility Dilemma

Access to real-time data is the backbone of prompt decision-making. But a traditional accounting solution like QuickBooks can lag, robbing you of the facts, slowing operations, and potentially leading to costly oversights

Sage Intacct’s construction dashboards and dimensional reporting provide real-time data visualization, allowing decision-makers to view updated financial metrics instantly. Therefore you can use the increased financial visibility from advanced reporting to inform timely actions and eliminate guesswork.

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The Automation Advantage

As businesses scale, manual processes can become a bottleneck for growing companies. Conversly, modern platforms like Sage Intacct introduce automation, significantly reducing time-intensive tasks and potential human errors of accounting teams.

Through its workflow automation features, Sage Intacct reduces the need for manual data entry. By automating recurring tasks—like AP, for example, the software promotes consistency and efficiency and enables business growth without increasing your office headcount.

Navigating the Financial Puzzle

In a sector with tight profit margins, having a granular view of project management and financial metrics like expense tracking is paramount. The most common complaint we hear about QuickBooks is its lack of reporting flexibility. It often falls short in offering in-depth insights, making financial navigation challenging.

Sage Intacct offers multi-dimensional reporting, providing a deeper dive into financial and operational metrics. It allows construction companies to extract detailed insights into cash flow and other crucial metrics, thereby optimizing financial strategies.

The Spreadsheet Syndrome

Reliance on Excel for financial operations is cumbersome and inefficient—but most QuickBooks users maintain dozens in efforts to organize their data in meaningful ways.

Sage Intacct for Construction fully integrates financial and operational data, eliminating the dependency on spreadsheets. Sage Intacct reduces your dependency on Excel by offering flexible, customizable reporting capabilities that bring all your business data to light.

Scaling Pains

QuickBooks has user and data limitations that can be significant hindrances for growing firms. We’ve spoken to finance teams that had to take turns in the software as a workaround.

Sage Intacct for Construction is cloud-based, making it scalable and accommodating for growing companies. It understands how your business operates, ensuring uninterrupted operations and allowing you to extend its value easily and cost-effectively across your organization.

Regulatory Rigor

With ever-evolving compliance mandates, there’s a pressing need for software that’s agile, updated, and auditable—and that’s not QuickBooks.

Sage Intacct ensures regulatory adherence, giving construction firms peace of mind. The platform is updated regularly to stay compliant with the latest industry regulations. User security, audit trails, and revenue recognition capabilities work together to maintain compliance and best practices.

Multi-Entity Management

For firms operating in multiple states or those with different legal entities, consolidating financial data is an arduous task in QuickBooks.

Sage Intacct excels in managing businesses with multiple entities, providing consolidated financial views and facilitating inter-entity transactions easily.

Integration Imperative

As your company’s tech stack expands with new tools—CRM systems for example—ensuring seamless communication between applications becomes even more crucial. Integration is an area of shortfall for businesses that have outgrown QuickBooks.

Sage Intacct is designed to facilitate crosstalk between all your business applications through its API and the dozens of integrated applications available with Sage Intacct integrated solutions.

Monthly Closing Woes

Another common concern we hear from construction firms running QuickBooks is that their month-end close process can take most of the month. However, not only is this inefficient, it deprives decision-makers of the facts until it’s too late to act.

With its structured workflow and automation, Sage Intacct reduces the month-end close process time, ensuring teams can finalize reports and insights faster. Sage Intacct clients routinely tell us they’ve cut their monthly close cycle by 50% or more

Building a better back office with Sage Intacct Construction

Backed by Sage’s 50-year history in the construction sector, Sage Intacct for Construction is a comprehensive solution crafted for the unique needs of construction companies. It integrates job costing, payroll, reports, and world-class financials under one roof.

In your quest to build better and be better, ensuring that the back-office foundation of your construction company is robust is crucial. Above all, it’s not just about constructing buildings but having the strategic decision-making tools to build a lean, agile, and future-ready construction business.

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