Top Articles of 2023 – Just the Hits

Get ready to kick off the new year in style as we count down our top articles of 2023. From best practices to powerful Sage integrated add-on solutions, you’ll find what you need to supercharge your ERP software in 2024. Plus, many articles feature webinars you can watch at your convenience. Let’s get started!

# 10 Sage Intacct Project Accounting: Projecting Success

When your primary business model revolves around projects, having a purpose-built system that manages, tracks, and reports on project financials is essential. The Sage Intacct Project Accounting and Project Costing module is an ideal option. Read the Article

#9 Moving Sage 100 to the Cloud: Accounting Dimensions

Sage Intacct accounting dimensions make it easy to add a new department or location. Create more dynamic reports and dashboards, while minimizing overhead and maintenance. Read the Article | Watch the Webinar

#8 Speed Payment Processing While Providing Customers With A Click Of Convenience

Click2Pay for Sage is a simple-to-deploy, flexible automated payment processing solution that can work in two ways — as a complete customer portal or a quick-pay, no login payment link. Make payments convenient for your customers while getting paid faster. It’s a win win. Read the Article | Watch the Webinar

#7 Optical Character Recognition (OCR)—Timeless Technology

OCR works in tandem with document management systems like DocLink, transforming static content into a smart searchable file. By rapidly digitizing documents, OCR enables businesses to process large volumes of documents efficiently, improving productivity and cost savings. Read the Article | Watch the Webinar

#6 Automating Exemption Certificate Management

In the case of mishandled exemption certificates, auditors are more likely to fine your business than they are to fine the buyer. Integrated with Sage 100, Avalara automates the process, ensuring compliance while mimizing effort. Read the Article | Watch the Webinar

#5 Tools And Technologies For Better Asset Management

Fixed assets represent a significant investment, which makes careful tracking essential. Sage Fixed Assets is a comprehensive asset tracking system, helping companies ensure assets are properly maintained and disposed of when necessary. Read the Article | Watch the Webinar

#4 Sage Intacct Inventory Automation—The Mobile Barcode Solution

Sage Intacct mobile automation and barcode technology captures end-to-end inventory movement via a mobile device. Complete virtually any inventory-related transaction including physical counts, receipts, picking, and shipping, while keeping your Sage Intacct system updated. Read the Article

#3 The ROI of a Document Management Solution

If you’ve been considering a document management solution like DocLink it’s important to understand the potential return on investment. Learn how to justify the expense with ten ways document management solutions deliver a strong ROI. Read the Article 

#2 How Sage Intacct Inventory Management Reaches the Perfect Balance

Businesses strive to reach a perfectly balanced inventory—enough to meet demand without costly and wasteful overstocking. Achieving that balance requires managing volatile costs, inconsistent supply chains, and variable demands. Tip the scale in your favor with Sage Intacct Inventory Management. Read the Article

#1 Is AP Automation Worth It

Payables make a good candidate for automation because it’s a function marked by many repetitive, ordered tasks that consume too much time when performed manually. Automation is proven to minimize storage costs, improve access and collaboration, and reduce manual work. But is automating AP worth the investment? We run the numbers. Read the Article | Watch the Webinar

We hope you found our Top Articles of 2023 valuable. If you’re interested in any of the Sage integrated add solutions or other functionality you’ve read about here, contact us for more information.