How Sage Intacct Inventory Management Reaches the Perfect Balance

Inventory management is fundamentally a balancing act. Regardless of size or industry, businesses strive to reach a perfectly balanced inventory—enough to meet demand without costly and wasteful overstocking. Achieving that balance requires ongoing, intentional effort, as volatile costs, inconsistent supply chains, and variable demands frustrate the exercise. One proven way to tip the scale in your favor is with Sage Intacct Inventory Management. Read on for highlights of this recent addition to the Sage Intacct solution platform.

Cross-location Visibility into Inventory

If your business has multiple warehouse locations, you know how this complicates the ability to understand the full picture of your inventory holdings quickly and easily. Sage Intacct Inventory Management was built for organizations with multiple locations, providing deep visibility and making it simple to access inventory balances and availability.

Real-time Accuracy

One of the main benefits of modern, cloud-based applications is that transactions typically post in real-time, giving users up-to-the-minute accuracy and insight. Like Sage Intacct Financials, Sage Intacct Inventory Management operates in real-time, so you can always trust your numbers.

Spot-on Inventory Valuation

For many companies, inventory represents their largest and most important asset. Regardless of the size of your company’s inventory, it’s essential to have accurate product costing information. Sage Intacct helps by allowing you to collect and assign additional costs, such as transportation fees, to provide you with a true cost of goods.

Deep Insights and Analysis

Sage Intacct users appreciate the comprehensive reporting capabilities built into the software, and Sage Intacct Inventory Management doesn’t disappoint in this area either. You can easily see across locations, products, inventory status, and replenishment projections. Use the information to make smarter decisions to optimize inventory levels and set effective reorder points.

Incorporate Barcoding

If you’re interested in reaching an even higher level of efficiency, learn about ScanForce for Sage Intacct, which adds barcoding and other advanced inventory control options.

Take Sage Intacct to the Next Level with Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations (SDMO)

Sage is going all in to equip Sage Intacct with the functionality distributors and manufacturers need. In fact, Sage recently launched Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations (SDMO). SDMO is a purpose-built cloud-native ERP solution designed and developed for midsized distributors and discrete manufacturers who want to be more resilient, agile, and responsive in an ever-changing world.

Based on the Sage Intacct platform and powered by deep functional capabilities, SDMO simplifies complex business processes through industry best practices and guided workflows that make it easy to manage key processes across:

  • Procurement – buy and put-away
  • Manufacturing – make and assemble
  • Distribution – sell and distribute
  • Inventory and warehousing
  • Resourcing and skills management

Sage Intacct Inventory Management: The Perfect Balance

At the most basic level, inventory management has only two aspects: knowing what you have and when to order more. In reality, balancing these two aspects is far from simple. Balanced inventory management pays off in higher customer service and satisfaction, lower overall inventory investment, fewer backorders and lost business, reduced disruption, and lower cost of expediting. Sage Intacct Inventory Management can help you reach that ideal balance. Contact us if you have any questions or to schedule a demo.

View the Datasheet: Sage Intacct Inventory Management