Sage 100 Version 2024 Is Live

From Productivity Power-Ups to Security Boosts, Here’s What’s New

We’re excited to announce the release of Sage 100 Version 2024, a significant upgrade designed to enhance your business operations. Rather than just listing the over 20 new features, we’ve categorized them into themes that directly address your day-to-day business needs. From “Productivity Power-Ups” that streamline your workflows to “Security Enhancements” that fortify your data, each category details innovations tailored to elevate your business efficiency and security.

To make it easy to scan the list for the modules you care about, we’ve added the module abbreviation (e.g., AP, SO…) at the start of each point. An asterisk (*) indicates the feature spans multiple modules.

Let’s check out how these new features can update your business landscape.

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The release of Sage 100 Version 2024 is an excellent time to move your Sage 100 environment to the cloud — and you can save money while doing it.

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Productivity Power-Ups

  • (*) ALE gets a better memory: The Advanced Lookup Engine (ALE) will now retain search values, a change likely to reduce user frustration and streamline data retrieval within ALE lookups.
  • (SO) Reset print flags for backorders: Now there’s a quick way to reset print flags for sales orders and picking sheet backorders, saving time and accelerating workflows.
  • (SO) Red alert prevents overordering: When sales order quantities surpass inventory thresholds, the quantity ordered will appear in red to alert you and to avoid over ordering.

Security Enhancements

  • (*) More expansive audit tracking: The software will now track ALL changes, deletions, and additions to all data for the main entity (vendors, customers, employees, and items).

Collaboration Boosters

  • (*) Email Notification for Task Scheduler: Keep everyone in the loop with automatic email alerts sent to users when a task is completed successfully or if an issue occurs within the task scheduler function. As a bonus, there’s now an option to process all tasks in one swoop.
  • (Paperless Office) View details of electronic delivery: You’ll notice a new Detail button in the Results of Electronic Delivery window. Click it to view details about documents sent to customers and vendors, including the date and time the document was submitted and the status.

Orderly Operations

  • (*) Friendlier change and delete operations: In Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, and General Ledger, you can now run the various Change and Delete functions while data entry is in progress. When you press the “Proceed” button, the software will check to be sure none of the impacted identities are in use. If not, you’re good to go! While you won’t be able to change or delete an entity in use, you can print audit reports in AP, AR, PR, and IM, regardless of whether the main entity is in use.
  • (AP) New 1099 form fields: A simple “W-9 Form on File” check box was added to the vendor record to simplify tracking this important form. Also, you can now track the taxpayer ID number of SSN or a vendor even if the vendor is not (currently) a 1099 vendor. This is a great best-practice addition that we accounting types just love.
  • (AP) Vendor established date: You asked for it (at least many in the Sage 100 community did), and Sage responded by adding a Date Established field to the vendor record.
  • (IM) Delete and change warehouses: Two new utilities, Delete Warehouses and Change Warehouses, will allow you to delete and renumber or merge warehouse codes in your company data files.
  • (PO) Quick close of partially received purchase orders: At last! A fast and easy way to close a partially received purchase order. It’s a simple “Clear Back Order upon Accept” check box added to the Lines tab in Receipt of Goods Entry.
  • (PO) Received status for purchase orders: Now when a PO has been received but not invoiced, it receives a status of Received instead of Back Order to correctly reflect the state of the order. This is going to be a fan favorite. We just know it.

Command Control Center

  • (*) Auto-Complete Search Index: Check a new box on the Preferences tab and Sage 100 will automatically update the auto-complete search index when you make changes to customer, employee, vendor, general ledger account, or item records. Not only is this a step saver, it’s also likely to improve search performance.
  • (LM) Restricted mode: This enhancement allows administrators to turn on a “restricted mode” that limits which users can log in to Sage 100. This will be a helpful option when testing modifications or adding user-defined fields, for example.

We’ve covered the highlights and some fan favorites here, but it’s far from an exhaustive list. Here are some resources related to the current release:

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Ready to take advantages of the new features Sage 100 v2024 has to offer? Reach out to Shalise Quinlan [email protected] to kick start the upgrade quoting process.