Automate AP and Keep Your Critical Data Secure DocLink Provides a Secure Way Forward

Data security is a pressing concern for every company. Just as we stopped storing our passwords on sticky notes stuck to our monitors (you have stopped, right?), we need to continually evaluate our business processes to look for vulnerabilities and find ways to make them more secure. Payables processing is one workflow that traditionally involves lots of paper and manual tasks that can expose sensitive data. DocLink’s document management and process automation solution can make it easy for you to go paperless, automate your accounts payable process—and keep your business-critical data safe.

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Safe Document Storage

One simple way DocLink can help keep your data secure is by securely storing all of your documents digitally. Not only does this drastically decrease the number of misplaced files (and the file cabinets they disappear into), but it also allows you to provide controlled, easy access to your data and allows for digital backups with the rest of your corporate data.

Access Control

When we talk about data security, we’re not only referring to protecting the data from cyberattacks or natural disasters, but we’re also talking about ensuring only authorized eyes gain access to that data.

In addition to storing documents in one place, permissions are a key way that DocLink helps protect sensitive data. You can define a user’s permitted access to data and records on a very granular level within the application and vary those permissions by individual or by role (e.g., AP Clerk).

Track Changes

Along with controlling who can access a document, DocLink maintains an audit trail of which user has accessed a document and what tasks they performed—from viewing, saving, downloading, and even emailing it out (and to whom). This level of secure control is not only convenient, but also a best practice for data handling.

Automated (Paperless) Workflows

As paper documents make their way around the office, they’re vulnerable to being lost, misplaced, or seen by unauthorized eyes. Sending those documents as email attachments is only marginally more secure as they can be printed, forwarded, or simply lost in the inbox. DocLink allows you to establish automated workflows for processes such as expense report approvals. Electronic workflows not only eliminate the need for paper, they control who can access the data, allowing you to maintain a much higher level of control and convenience.

Electronic Data Capture

A stack of paper invoices or expense reports on your AP Clerk’s desk waiting to be entered in your ERP is anything but secure. With DocLink, you can eliminate this scenario. Invoices and expense reports can enter the application through electronic data capture where they’re indexed and assigned to the appropriate workflow.

It’s time to get serious about data security and document integrity. DocLink helps manage compliance, supports disaster preparedness, and provides increased security and control of your vital business data.

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