DocLink Web Client Delivers Practical and Powerful Access

We’re all in favor of easy access to tools that help us be productive wherever and whenever, and the DocLink Web Client is such a tool. This add-on module to the DocLink document management solution is a robust offering that we recommend to all our DocLink clients. Here’s a quick overview of this module’s functionality and a few ideas about how to incorporate the Web Client into your company’s workflows.

What is the DocLink Web Client?

The DocLink Web Client provides access to DocLink documents through your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox). The Web Client can be used both as a portal for business partners and as a web client for your company’s DocLink users. The Web Client respects the user roles and security settings you’ve established, ensuring that users have access only to the appropriate documents.

What can I do in the DocLink Web Client?

Using the DocLink Web Client you can do pretty much everything you can do in the Smart Client, including search and retrieval, review and approve documents, build smart forms, view and add notes, and more.

  • Quick Search, Advanced Search and Full Text Search
    The DocLink Web Client includes a set of pre-defined searches called Quick Searches. As the DocLink Administrator, you can configure Quick Searches and assign them to users through the Role Manager. Quick Searches specify the top-level folders, document types and the searchable properties and is ideal for most routine searches.

    When you need a bit more power, the Advanced Search option is your tool. Use the Advanced Search to find documents across multiple companies document types and even into any notes attached to the documents.

    For the ultimate search power, the Full Text Search option digs deep into the documents allowing you to search on non-indexed values and search containing options. Suffice it to say that if the document lives in DocLink, you’ll be able to find it using the Web Client.

    Did we mention that once you find the document you’re looking for you can view, print, download or email the document (and any attached) notes?

  • Workflow approval
    If you’re also using the DocLink Workflow module, you can review and approve documents through the Web Client. It’s easy to look at document properties, notes and supporting documents; review burned-in distribution stamps on documents; add notes and send documents to the next workflow status, all online with Web Client.
  • Smart Forms
    New to the Web Client are Smart Forms. You can now create a new smart form, such as an expense report or paid time off request, from within the Web Client, using the same options that are available in the base product.
  • Business partner portal
    The Web Client is an ideal way to grant limited access to key business partners. You’ll simply configure partners as external users and assign appropriate Quick Searches to their role. This will grant them access to only Quick Searches and relevant documents once they log into your DocLink website. It’s a great way to share appropriate data with independent contractors or vendors securely and conveniently—and it does not require a user license.

Where does the DocLink Web Client live?

You can choose to host the Web Client internally on your company’s server, choose a dedicated hosting company or retain Altec to host the application on their servers. It’s your choice, and we can help you evaluate the best option for your circumstances.

If you’ve like to see the Web Client in action, we’ve got a recorded webinar just for you. Plus, we’re here to answer any of your questions about DocLink and the Web Client—just let us know how we can help.