Sage 100 2022: What’s New, and When You’ll See It

As Spring makes its debut, so too does Sage 100 2022. As of this writing, Sage has not published its official What’s New document. Once it’s available, we’ll post it here. We’re expecting to see both the document and the formal release during the last week of March or early April. Until then, here’s an overview of what you can expect.

Production Management 2.0

The Production Management module receives a lot of attention in this release. Beginning with this release, Production Management (PM) officially replaces the Work Order module. Below are the major highlights of Production Management 2.0.

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  • Conversion process
    As Version 2022 is installed, it will convert Work Order files, including history, to Production Management. For companies already using PM Version 1.0, the update will convert these files to PM 2.0. Note, PM 2.0 does not yet work with the MRP or IRP modules, although Sage promises quick progress on this engineering. In the interim, Sage will provide a separate Work Order module install for use by customers that rely on MRP.
  • Setup and configuration changes
    While the module’s base functionality remains largely the same, the update melds PM into Sage 100 more fluidly, incorporating the security, setup, and Visual Process flows that align with the rest of the product suite.

    • Changes to Role Maintenance include several new options such as Allow Access to Private Batches, Allow Batches to be Merged, Allow Batches to be Renumbered
    • New Security Role Templates are added for Production Management Admin and Production Management Clerk
    • New Visual Process flows are included for Work Ticket Management, Complete Work Ticket, and Close Work Ticket
  • Work Ticket Classes
    The 2022 release of PM also introduces Work Ticket Classes. Work Ticket Classes will allow you to define default settings for Work Tickets assigned to the Class, including Labor and Material issue methods, Cost Completion method, GL posting accounts, and several more.
  • User Defined Fields
    The ability to establish User Defined Classes and User Defined Codes allows you to expand and personalize PM’s functionality. For example, you might define a Class as “Special Instructions” with an associated code of “Ship immediately upon completion.”
  • Work Ticket Template Changes
    Work Ticket Template Maintenance was enhanced to allow you to copy a template from another template, an open work order, or a work order from history. In addition, you’ll have the option to copy memos. Version 2022 also adds a new “Attachment” icon making it faster and simpler to add an attachment to the template.

We understand there’s a lot to unpack surrounding Production Management 2.20. Contact us for more information and expert guidance regarding this release.

Inventory Changes

Sage 100 2022 includes these new efficiency features:

  • You can now elect to include Inactive items in the Advanced Lookup Engine (ALE) lookups
  • Within the Item Maintenance Search, you can now include Quotes, Master Orders, and Repeating Orders
  • Inventory Images now support .jpeg, .png, and .tiff files

Customer Maintenance and Sales Order Changes

Look for these new time-savers in Sage 100 2022:

  • You may now search for Quotes within the Customer Maintenance Search.
  • Both the Sales Order and Quote History will now display these additional fields: Order Type, Ship Date for Standard and Back Orders, and Expire Date for Quotes.
  • You’ll find a new Save Date selection for Sales Order reports. When checked (the default is Yes), the report will remember your date settings the next time the report is run.

Fun Bits From Elsewhere

There are several additional enhancements, including:

  • History options will now default to 5 years for new company setup
  • Office 365 is rebranded as Microsoft 365
  • Sage Intelligence is now compatible with Sage 100 64-bit
  • The following subscription-only features will now be available for everyone
    • Document Date Warning
    • Spell Check
    • ALE Full Search
    • Theme Maintenance

Join us for a webinar: Sage 100 v2022 Is Here – Learn All About It! If you have questions about this release — or anything Sage 100 related — please reach out.