What’s New in Sage 100 Version 2020.1

Sage released the 2020.1 update to Sage 100 on September 17th, and there are some definite winners among the new features. Below is a quick look at some of the standouts organized by module.

Accounts Payable

A net gain

A new Net Balance button was added to Invoice Data Entry, Repetitive Invoice Entry, and General Ledger Distribution window accessed through Manual Check and Payment Entry. Simply click the Net Balance button to add the undistributed balance to the current line.


Heard about the 1099-NEC form? The new form replaces Form 1099-MISC for reporting nonemployee compensation. Whether you’ve heard of it or not, you’ll be pleased to know it’s now supported.

Accounts Receivable

Inquiring minds want to know

A Payments tab was added to Invoice History Inquiry. Click it to see all payments applied to the selected invoice. You can then view more details about payments processed through Cash Receipts Entry as well as details about credit card and ACH payments.

Inventory Management — Lot Traceability

Sage is responding to user suggestions, adding new and better ways to track lot and serial activity. The new features provide additional ways to trace where items from a particular lot or those with a particular serial number have been used — including items used as bill and kit components. Note that the new features will only work on transactions processed after you’ve installed this update.

New Where Used Inquiry

A Where Used button was added to the Lot/Serial Inquiry window accessed from the Main menu or from Item Maintenance. You can click the new button to see where items from selected lot or serial number were used as a component of a sales kit or a bill. The button is available when you select a Sales Order invoice, or a Production Entry transaction.

Customer Recall Report

A new Customer Recall Report was added to the Reports menu, accessible from Lot/Serial Inquiry off the Main menu. Use the report to view a list of customers to whom you have sold or shipped lot or serial items that must be recalled.

Lot Serial Transaction History Report

A Print Where-Used Items check box was added to the Lot Serial Transaction History Report. When you check the box, the report includes the transactions in which lot and serial items have been used either as a standalone item or as a component of a bill or sales kit.

Visual Integrator

Visual Integrator received a number of new features, all designed to make it simpler and more intuitive to use.

Filter Options for Job Log

You can filter by the status (failed or skipped) or you can filter by records that passed but have one or more invalid fields.

Export Option for Job Log

After using the filter, above, you can click the Export List button to export two files:

  • A file that contains the filtered records so that you can make corrections and then import the file again.
  • A text file with information on why each record failed.

Row Number in Job Log

When importing data using either an ASCII file or a delimited file as the source, the row number from the source file appears in the Job Log.

ALE Lookups For Job Numbers

ALE lookups are now used when selecting jobs in the following locations:

  • Export Job Selection window that opens when you start Export Job Maintenance
  • Import Job Selection window that opens when you start Import Job Maintenance
  • Copy From button and Chain To fields in Export Job Maintenance and Import Job Maintenance
  • Job Select

Browse Buttons on Log Detail Window

Browse buttons were added to the Record Detail window. Use them to navigate to the next, previous, first, and last record.

Company Colors Used for Import and Export Jobs

If you have a company-specific background color set up in Company Maintenance, the color is now used for certain screens in Visual Integrator when you’re working with an import and export jobs. For example, you’ll see the color when you select a job and when you. view the job log. Not all screens are affected because Visual Integrator is not company-specific.

We’ll be covering the new features in an upcoming webinar, click here to view all upcoming events. As always, contact us with your questions.