Tested Tips for Success from Franchise CFOs

CFOs of franchises face an uphill battle. Few want to admit it but running the financial operations of multiple locations is never easy. Franchisee CFOs must continually reorganize their processes to accommodate growth. To ensure faster closes, clean audits, regulatory compliance, and multi-unit consolidations you have to have an infrastructure that grows with you. Sage Intacct is the best financial management solution in its class, offering a Cloud based powerful platform for franchises to drive and forecast growth. Below are some tips from successful franchisee CFOs to minimize the headaches of outdated processes and thrive with Sage Intacct.

Stop using Excel spreadsheets!

Although using Excel spreadsheets may be the norm, they are vastly underpowered to support a multi-unit franchise. Exporting data for manual processing in Excel is an inefficient use of your team’s time and money and provides an opportunity for human error which could leave to auditor questions. Sage Intacct offers smart, streamlined, and automated financial processes with the ability to automate your workflows, leaving the need for Excel behind.

Speed up accurate reporting

Once you stop pulling data from multiple sources to be processed manually you enable your team to quickly provide the data your organization needs. Achieve this speed with Sage Intacct’s real-time financial reporting and analysis. Revolutionize the way you present and share your businesses financial data with customizable reports that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Consolidate with confidence

With outdated financial solutions the monthly close process across multiple locations can be lengthy and painful for franchises. Using Sage Intacct’s single chart of accounts and one-click consolidation you can save yourself time, money, and avoid the monthly headache. Sage Intacct provides automated intercompany transactions posted to the chart of accounts without you having to manually edit data. Plus, you can build reports by location, sales category, project, time, and so on to produce the reports management needs to project success and future growth.

Advance to the Cloud!

Leave outdated on-premise software behind! On premise solutions trap you with upfront investments, lengthy implementations, static configurations, slow upgrades, and continual maintenance and support needs. Franchises thrive when they can adapt to business fluctuations without waiting on IT to make changes to their finance platforms. Business on the Cloud delivers no hardware costs, no IT burdens, and modern financial software. See lower costs, more security, increased productivity, and automatic updates that don’t interrupt business with Sage Intacct.

Other franchises are turning to Sage Intacct to streamline their financial reporting and management. Sage Intacct is built by and for financial professionals. If you are searching for a solution that will support your business as it grows it is time to consider finance on the Cloud with Sage Intacct. At MicroAccounting we have a wealth of solutions to help multi-unit franchises succeed, including Sage Intacct. If you have questions or want to see Sage Intacct in action feel free to give us a call at 855-876-3773 or email us at [email protected].