Want to save money and time? Take your church accounting to the cloud.

Your church may have started out using Excel spreadsheets or a simple bookkeeping software like QuickBooks for your accounting needs. But it may be time to upgrade. Now, more than ever, churches are expected to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide financial transparency. And like many other organizations, you often have to do more with less. A cloud-based financial management solution can help.

Chances are, you’re already using cloud-based technologies for tasks like email, social media, and project management. And you may be wary about moving your accounting and financial functions to the cloud. But you can gain some key advantages by doing so. Here are just a few:

  1. Real-time visibility
    The right cloud-based church accounting software can give you access to real-time data – and the insights you need to spot both opportunities and potential trouble spots. Access the information you need for all your campuses, foundations, missions, schools, and more. A cloud-based infrastructure also means that key stakeholders can access the data they need, no matter where they are.
  2. Greater efficiency
    If you’ve outgrown your current bookkeeping system, you may be stuck with multiple spreadsheets in a myriad of disparate formats. Having to manually enter, aggregate, reconcile, and verify data can eat up valuable time. The right automated solution gives you quick access to the data and insights you need for timely and accurate reporting – and saves time and money.

    In addition, a cloud-based accounting platform can integrate other disconnected systems you may be using for tasks such as member management, online giving, finance, and payroll.

  3. Privacy and security
    Your members expect you to protect their personal information. And you might think that using an on-premise accounting system provides greater security because the hardware is physically housed at your location. But the reality is that major cloud providers have invested extensive resources in superior technology and processes to ensure extremely high levels of data security. And they have the IT and data security expertise your employees may lack to focus on best practices for managing and maintaining a secure environment.
  4. Superior infrastructure
    Few things can be more frustrating – and potentially damaging to your finances – than attempting to restore data from thumb drives and personal computers. You need a system you can rely on for everything from uptime to sound backup procedures to disaster recovery. Cloud providers have the scale and resources to invest to ensure that their infrastructure and performance meet your needs.

The right cloud-based accounting system can save you money, automate processes, improve management control, and increase financial transparency. We can help. To find out more about our nonprofit solutions, including Sage Intacct church accounting software, call us today at 855-876-3773 or email us at [email protected].