Sage Data & Analytics for Sage Intacct: Streamline Data Management and Reporting

Are you a Sage Intacct user looking to simplify your data management and reporting processes without the usual data headache? Then look no further than Sage Data & Analytics, a powerful solution designed to revolutionize the way you handle analytics and reporting within your organization.

Data management can often be a challenging task, but Sage Data & Analytics, powered by Zap, eliminates the complexity of traditional analytics and reporting. This platform offers simplified data management for business users, allowing you to leverage pre-built data models, dashboards, and financial reports to gain immediate insights.

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Say goodbye to the struggles of data preparation and welcome to a seamless transformation of your business intelligence with Sage Data & Analytics.

How Sage Data & Analytics Works

How Sage Data & Analytics Works

Sage Data & Analytics is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) platform that consolidates, reconciles, and enriches your data.

  • Leverage a single analytical tool for all your financial and operational analytics requirements.
  • Power BI or Zap’s own Data Hub Analytics. You Choose.
  • Sage Data & Analytics offers extensive in-app training with videos and context-sensitive help so you can make the most of your data.

Bring All Your Data Together

Sage Data & Analytics brings all your data together in one place, making it ready for analytics. No more struggling to derive insight from your data or facing challenges with financial reporting. What’s more, by starting with Sage Data & Analytics, you can ensure that your data preparation is on the right track.

One Analytic Tool to Rule Them All

One of the key advantages of Sage Data & Analytics is that it provides a single analytic tool to cater to all your needs. While Sage Intacct already offers a powerful integrated analytic solution, Sage Data & Analytics eliminates the need for your team to invest time and effort in learning multiple analytic tools for different requirements. Say goodbye to data silos hindering your analytical capabilities and leverage a single, powerful analytic tool for all your financial and operational analytics needs.

Consolidate, Reconcile, and Enrich your Sage Intacct data

Sage Data & Analytics sources data from all Sage Intacct modules and allows slicing by standard and custom Sage Intacct dimensions. Furthermore, with Sage Data & Analytics you can gain a comprehensive view by integrating your Sage Intacct data with industry-leading CRMs, HRMs, and best-of-breed SaaS tools. This means you can report on a consolidated view, ensure data reconciliation across silos, and enrich your data for complete and accurate insights.

Why choose Sage Data & Analytics?

The platform embeds thousands of hours of expertise and validation into its pre-built Sage Intacct data model. With hundreds of pre-built analytics to accelerate your data journey, Sage Data & Analytics equips you with a powerful data management platform that future-proofs your investments. Whether you are dealing with complex reporting or striving for streamlined data management, Sage Data & Analytics for Sage Intacct is the solution you need to master your data management and reporting processes.

Pre-Built Data Models and Analytics

In summary, if you are seeking to simplify your data management and reporting while maximizing your business intelligence capabilities, Sage Data & Analytics offers a comprehensive solution. With its emphasis on simplified data management, seamless analytics, and comprehensive insights, Sage Data & Analytics is poised to transform the way you handle your data, setting you on the path to data mastery.

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