Supporting a Remote Workforce Using DocLink

Back in April, we offered up some suggestions for remaining productive in the new normal. Here we revisit the topic in light of the reality that a remote workforce will be the norm moving forward. How can organizations best support a remote workforce? DocLink by Altec, also known as Sage Document Management, offers several options.

With DocLink, documents can be captured, created, processed and approved by anyone. Users can access the files they need through your company’s secure network, over the web, or via their mobile devices anywhere, ultimately improving productivity and saving companies significant time and money.

AP Goes Touchless

Traditionally, AP has been a paper and step intensive process. Not so long ago it would have seemed almost impossible to imagine completing payables tasks remotely. But with DocLink, AP goes remote and reduces the effort of coding, gathering approvals and creating associated records in your ERP application.

With DocLink, all purchasing-related documents are stored centrally, for easy and secure access. Powerful workflow routing ensures approvals and payments are both timely and accurate. Regardless of how an invoice arrives — email, FTP, or by snail mail, DocLink is able to capture the document and insert it into the AP workflow you’ve established. Every employee involved in the payables cycle has access and insight to the information they need, from wherever they may be working. DocLink integrates with most leading ERP solutions completing the chain of tasks.

Keep the Human in Human Resources

The human resources department is another place that’s traditionally littered with paper. From onboarding, through training, leave tracking, performance reviews and more — there are forms, spreadsheets, certifications, and myriad other documents that must be securely stored yet remain easily accessible. DocLink supports the human connection between your human resources personnel and your teams.

Collaboration and visibility can suffer when employees are not in the same location. HR employees may have important papers on their desk, or in their inbox where they’re not available to others. There are also security risk associated with the handling and storage of HR and payroll-related documents. By using DocLink as the central hub of documents and files from across the organization, collaboration, visibility, and security soar. Employees can access the information they need to do their jobs and keep tasks moving. They don’t need to leave their desks (or their kitchen tables) to search the file cabinet, and document access control ensures only the right people have access to secure documents.

Create Rules of Engagement with Smart Forms

We’ve written about DocLink Smart Forms before, but they warrant an additional mention in the context of remote work. There’s simply no place in the new normal for paper forms, and Word document forms emailed around the approval chain aren’t much better. DocLink Smart Forms are rules of engagement for remote employees.

You can create a Smart Forms to replace each and every form you’re currently using. Employee leave requests, new vendor information, customer credit applications — if you can visualize it, you can design it. Smart Forms really are smart, they can perform calculations, perform data validation, and be placed in your specified approval routing workflow.

Collaboration, Communication, and Connection

Remote work is here to stay, making collaboration and communication tools like DocLink a vital part of your technology infrastructure. DocLink enables organizations to digitally transform their entire operations by automating and streamlining any process in any department from AP to HR and beyond. By eliminating paper and human error, DocLink provides improved visibility accessibility, and control to the entire document lifecycle ensuring people, processes, and documents are seamlessly connected.

Are you interested in learning more about DocLink? Contact us for a listing of our recorded DocLink webinars or to schedule a meeting to review your specific needs. We’d love the opportunity to talk with you.