Smart Refresh Utility – Your New Favorite (Free) Bit of Technology

Don’t you just love the little bits of technology that make life easier? We each have our own favorites — maybe yours is the smart speaker that plays your favorite podcasts on demand, or when your smart car recognizes it’s you and adjusts the seat to your favorite position. At MicroAccounting, we’ve created a bit of technology we think will quickly become a favorite of every DocLink and Sage 100 user. We call it the Smart Refresh Utility, and we’re giving it away for free!

The Frustration

Behind the scenes, on a predetermined schedule (typically daily or weekly), DocLink runs a utility that updates data elements from Sage 100, including vendor numbers plus account and job numbers, into DocLink. As a result, DocLink has this data that it uses to validate your entries.

Many DocLink users have experienced a situation when a new vendor, account number, or job number they need to use on a form was entered into Sage 100 after the last update, meaning it’s not yet in DocLink. If you try to enter that value into DocLink, DocLink won’t know about it and will reject the entry. To remedy the situation, you’ll have to email your Sage or DocLink administrator, ask them to run the utility, and hope they aren’t listening to their favorite podcast and will jump on that request.

The Solution

Our Smart Refresh Utility makes smart use of DocLink Smart Forms. We created a Smart Form that allows users to quickly execute the refresh utility in mere seconds — on their own, with no help from anyone. It’s quick, simple, and effective. Vendor not on file? Open up the Smart Form and choose the Vendor refresh and press Execute. The utility runs and adds any new vendors to DocLink.

We’re making the Smart Refresh Utility technology available at no cost to all our Sage 100 and DocLink customers — just let us know if you would like it.  The only charge will be for the consulting time (typically 1 hour) to get the Smart Form configured on your system. It might be obvious, but you do have to have both DocLink and the Smart Form Toolkit for this to work. We’re betting the Smart Refresh Utility will quickly become one of your favorite bits of technology.

Please contact us if you would like to have the Smart Refresh Utility configured on your system or we can help with anything at all.