ScanForce Warehouse Automation System Raises the Bar(code)

Modern distributors know that accurate inventory management is key to success in this competitive industry. In order to make informed decisions and provide the best customer service it’s essential to have up-to-date information about your inventory holdings. That’s where ScanForce warehouse management system for Sage ERP excels.

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As an industry leader in barcode scanning, mobile sales, and warehouse automation management solutions (WMS), ScanForce offers products and services designed for modern businesses. What’s more, it integrates effortlessly with Sage 100 to provide manufacturers and distributors with an end-to-end inventory management solution. While our focus in this article is on the Sage 100 integration, ScanForce also integrates with Sage Intacct.

Advanced ScanForce Warehouse Management

At its core, ScanForce is a cutting-edge barcode scanning solution. Mobile barcode scanners enable your business to track and manage inventory accurately, in real-time. By reducing manual data entry, you can minimize errors, speed workflows, increase efficiency, and focus more resources on your growth.

ScanForce utilizes rugged mobile computers with integrated barcode readers (and WiFi) to allow you to track inventory movement easily and accurately throughout your warehouse. Once you scan a barcode, ScanForce transfers the data directly into Sage 100, so your sales, finance, and operations teams are all working with current information. ScanForce solutions can be used to:

Monitor Inventory Levels

Manage and control inventory to avoid stock-outs, increase inventory turn, and accurately view stock on hand in real-time.

Streamline Receiving

Use barcoding to optimize workflows for inventory counting, inspection, and putaway processes during inventory receipt.

Optimize Order Picking

Utilize advanced picking methods that match your unique workflows to optimize the picking process and increase throughput.

Accurately Track Items

Easily incorporate lot and serial tracking as well as expiration dates with instant data validation.

Support Multiple Bin Locations

Leverage multiple bin locations within a single warehouse. 

Manage Containerized Shipments

Receive entire containers, and manage incoming shipments en route from overseas. View container details and track inbound cargo while the load travels to you.

Eliminate Shipping Errors

Instant data validation against sales orders ensures personnel picks the correct items and your customers get the products they ordered.

Improve Picking and Shipping Methods

Efficiently pick orders with directed picking and other advanced methods such as wave (group) picking and split picking.

Streamline Inventory Counts

Easily and quickly perform physical and cycle counts more accurately, frequently, and with fewer staff, for more efficient inventory management.

Smart Labeling

Trigger a barcode label to print within the mobile programs whether at Receiving or Picking/Shipping. Leverage 2D/QR codes or print GS1 and UPC labels. Meet customers’ needs by labeling outbound items to their specifications.

The ScanForce Warehouse Management system promotes optimal warehouse operations, from inventory counts and pallet management to picking, packing, shipping, receiving, transfers, and more. It provides seamless, real-time integration with Sage 100 to give your entire organization full visibility into warehouse operations.

Rapid Return on Investment

What really makes ScanForce so valuable is its ease of use. The screens are intuitive to navigate, reducing the learning curve and speeding your return on investment. Customers typically go live with ScanForce for Sage 100 in weeks, not months, and employees are productive right away.

ScanForce builds time-tested, proven warehouse management tools integrated with Sage 100 to speed workflows, improve accuracy, reduce expenses, increase visibility, and help busy organizations like yours do more with less. Contact us for a personalized demo or visit our ScanForce page to learn more.