ScanForce Mobile Sales for Sage 100

Accurate and effective selling processes are essential to your bottom line. With ScanForce Mobile Sales for Sage 100 you can view and sell the right quantities, capture signatures, and print receipts. What’s more, you’ll be able to view your inventory in real-time, upsell and cross-sell customers, and submit orders to start the delivery process. As a result you’ll not only improve customer satisfaction, but significantly boost your profit margin.

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Quotes, Orders, and Invoices

Accurately create quotes, sales orders, invoices, and credit memos, plus view customer contact information, inventory levels, images, and purchase history. The ScanForce Mobile Sales App sends the transaction instantly back to Sage 100, eliminating duplicate data entry and speeding the order-to-cash cycle.

Mobile Sales Honors Pricing Structures

The pricing structures you’ve configured in Sage 100 are respected—down to customer-specific pricing, improving accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

ScanForce Mobile Sales Third-Party Integrations

Established integrations into Avalara sales tax automation and other third-party software solutions to turn ScanForce Mobile Sales into a comprehensive and powerful sales enablement tool.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Wireless connectivity allows your salesperson to access real-time data and book sales from anywhere. When disconnected from the network or internet, the app functions in batch mode with data and customer lookup and validation.

Proof of Delivery

Use signature capture to electronically verify and record when your products were delivered and received by customers—no more lost paper delivery tickets.

Device & OS Agnostic

Select the mobile computing platform that best suits your application environment—smartphone, tablet, or ruggedized mobile computer. ScanForce Mobile Sales works with any OS, including iOS and Android.

Simplify your sales processes, from order taking to delivery, improving the customer experience and driving efficiency at every step. Contact us to schedule a demo or to learn more.