How to Choose the Right Sage 100 Hosting Provider

When your business leans heavily on mission-critical applications like Sage 100 ERP choosing the right Sage 100 ERP hosting provider is like hiring a key team member. The perfect Sage 100 hosting match can propel your business to new efficiencies, while a mismatch could stunt your progress. Below, we lay out 12 factors to guide you toward an informed decision.

Specialized Expertise & Compatibility

Match with a cloud hosting provider who brings proven expertise in hosting your core business applications. Take Cloud at Work, for example — the top Sage 100 cloud hosting provider in North America, equipped with deep understanding and management skills for such intricate systems. In addition to hosting Sage applications in a cloud environment, ensure your candidate also has the ability to host other vital applications like Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop for frictionless workflow integration.

Key benefits of a cloud hosting solution
Key components of a best-in-class hosting provider

Uncompromised Security & Compliance

A secure cloud environment is the bedrock of trust. Validate that providers can securely host Sage 100, adhering to top-tier security protocols in line with industry regulations. Ask about their data security measures: Do they offer end-to-end encryption? Perform regular security audits? Meet GDPR, HIPAA, or SOC 2 standards? Don’t settle for less.

Peak Performance & Reliability

Your enterprise never sleeps, and neither should your cloud hosting. Evaluate the provider’s track record for uptime, disaster recovery solutions, and performance metrics they guarantee. A 99.99% uptime SLA, like the one guaranteed and financially backed by Cloud at Work, typifies the reliability standard you should expect.

Scalable Solutions & Flexible Provisioning

Business growth is dynamic; your cloud services must follow suit. Look for a provider with the flexibility to meet your evolving needs. Cloud at Work, for instance, lets you scale services to your precise requirements, balancing cost-efficiency with readiness for expansion.

Stellar Support & Concrete SLAs

Responsive, competent customer support can define your cloud hosting experience. Seek providers who back up their assurances with solid SLAs and invest in support teams equipped to handle your queries. Specialized support—in Cloud at Work’s case, for Sage ERP—means help is just an expert’s insight away.

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Data Sovereignty & Strategic Data Center Locations

In an age of data privacy complexities, knowing where your data resides is crucial. Your cloud hosting provider should have data center locations that comply with your data sovereignty obligations and regional compliance standards. With Cloud at Work, rest assured with diverse data centers situated in the US and Canada to meet specific legal requirements.

Tailored Customization & Granular Control

Uniform solutions rarely fit unique business needs. Opt for a cloud hosting provider that customizes solutions to your specific requirements, allowing for control over the cloud environment, configurations and updates, and networking options.

Regular Backups & Clear Data Retention Strategies

Data loss can be catastrophic. Investigate backup frequency, retention policies, and the ease of data retrieval. Your chosen cloud hosting provider should offer robust daily backups to thwart cyber threats and as part of your broader business continuity strategy.

Cutting-edge Technology Infrastructure

Your cloud hosting provider’s tech stack and infrastructure are foundational to staying on the curve of innovation and performance. Settle only for modern hardware, plenty of data center space, high-speed networking, and the latest virtualization platforms.

Transparent Costs & Understandable Billing

Bypass the pitfalls of hidden costs by choosing a cloud hosting provider with a clear, predictable pricing strategy. This aids in accurate budgeting and cost management, sparing you from unforeseen expenses down the line.

Smooth Integration Capabilities

Smooth integration with your existing IT framework and cloud services is non-negotiable. Your provider should excel in supporting APIs, third-party software compatibility (such as ISVs), and support for hybrid cloud architectures. Cloud at Work’s virtual private Sage 100 cloud hosting solution is designed to have no limitations with regard to the Sage software ISVs and other third-party add-ons used by their clients.

Proven Reputation & Industry Esteem

Finally, vet your provider’s industry standing. Customer testimonials, case studies, and sustained service quality offer a glimpse into their reliability and dedication to client satisfaction.

In conclusion, selecting the ideal cloud hosting for Sage should never be a gamble. Arm yourself with these key factors to find a provider that not only aligns with your current operations but ensures your cloud infrastructure is a catalyst for growth.

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