Success Story: Priority Management Masters Efficiency with Sage Intacct

MicroAccounting Jumpstarts Initiative to Streamline Operations and Unlock Growth

“We consider MicroAccounting an extension of our team — they are fantastic. The partnership helps us be more efficient and make faster, more informed decisions.” – Alyssa Lare, VP of Accounting, Priority Management

Founded in 2006, Priority Management manages 32 skilled nursing communities across Texas and Louisiana. The company is growing, building its business organically and through strategic acquisitions. Running a complex, multi-entity enterprise takes skill, expertise, and the right technology. For Priority Management, Sage Intacct — supported by the team at MicroAccounting — is an essential component of that technology.

Migrating Financials From American HealthTech (AHT)

“We’d been using American HealthTech (AHT) for clinical operations, general ledger, and accounts payable,” recalls Alyssa Lare, VP of Accounting for Priority Management. “One of the major issues we faced is that AHT is individualized by facility — there was no easy way to get useful consolidated information.”

Lare recounts the enormous amount of time the staff spent switching back and forth between dozens of entities to enter daily transactions and pull financial data. “It was very labor intensive,” she says. “We made the business decision to switch from AHT to PointClickCare (PCC). We decided to move GL and AP to a dedicated financial management application, trusting our resident care and management tasks to PCC.”

Smooth Conversion Jumpstarts Productivity

The organization’s CEO suggested they consider Sage Intacct. “He’d used Sage Intacct with PCC while with another company,” Lare says. “MicroAccounting was the partner we selected due to their demonstrated accounting and Sage Intacct implementation experience, and they’ve been absolutely great. They handled the data conversion from AHT, set up our allocations, built out custom reports, configured Sage Intacct to match the way we work and delivered the management reporting needed at essentially the push of a button.”

The conversion went smoothly. “I wish we would have switched to Sage Intacct earlier,” adds Lare. “I would definitely recommend MicroAccounting and Sage Intacct to other senior living organizations. If you’re using AHT, PCC or any other software to support your operations, your Sage partner can convert the data so you have your history in Sage Intacct and can be productive and gain efficiencies right from the start.”

Tapping into Sage Intacct’s API allows Priority Management to automatically bring in receivable and revenue data from AHT and PCC, keeping both systems in sync.

Diving Deep Into Data

MicroAccounting helped Lare and her team build custom reports using flexible account groupings, dimensions, and statistical accounts for data such as PPD (per patient day) calculations. “Our reporting processes are so much simpler, and we’re getting better data,” Lare explains. “I love the ability to create various consolidation groups — and how we can report on data in very specific ways. For example, we may want to look at a specific region or compare urban versus rural locations. With Sage Intacct, these types of analyses are easy to produce.”

Previously, staff had to prepare consolidated reports in spreadsheets manually. Now, they can run reports and trend analyses for individual entities and consolidations across the organization. “Before, we would have to export each entity’s information to Excel to produce consolidating financials,” Lare says. “I can’t even quantify the time savings, but it’s enormous.”

Streamlining Intercompany Transactions

Multi-entity enterprises like Priority Management often need to create intercompany transactions, and Sage Intacct is transforming this from a time-consuming, cumbersome task into a streamlined workflow. “Say we receive one invoice for a service contract that covers all of our locations,” explains Lare. “We want to give the vendor a single check, but we need to allocate the expense across 32 entities. With our previous system, we would need to create 32 separate transactions. With Sage Intacct, it’s a single transaction.”

MicroAccounting also helped the organization connect Sage Intacct with its banking partners. Using the Sage Intacct bank feed, transactions flow into Sage Intacct automatically, speeding bank reconciliation and giving the organization a real-time look at its cash flow.

AP Automation Amplifies ROI

Across 32 locations, Priority Management must manage an extremely high volume of payable invoices. Previously, employees at each location manually scanned each invoice and emailed it to the corporate finance team for manual entry into AHT. To streamline the cycle, MicroAccounting introduced Priority Management to Stampli, an AP automation solution available through the Sage Intacct Marketplace. The solution electronically captures and routes all the organization’s payable invoices. Once fully approved, the invoices are ready for processing in Sage Intacct.

Stampli impressed Lare with its technology — it uses AI to detect an invoice’s vendor, dates, and amounts, which saves time and eliminates duplicate data entry. “It also has built-in approval workflows that we’ve adapted to our processes,” she says. “We’re saving a ton of time and paper and enforcing best practices surrounding payable processing. It’s all electronic and automated, and the data is synchronized with Sage Intacct throughout the day. This has been a game-changer for us. We’ve automated manual tasks across the entire payables cycle and have real-time access into our spending.”

Building Accountability and Transparency

Lare says the accounting team often receives positive feedback from their management team and facility administrators about the benefits of moving to Sage Intacct. “They tell us how much simpler it is to get the information they need. They can drill down into expenses to better understand their positions and tap into this information throughout the month. We’ve built a level of accountability and transparency that benefits the entire organization.”

An Extension of Our Team

“When we moved to Sage Intacct, we had 20 entities. Now we have over 30. Without the efficiencies we’ve gained with MicroAccounting and Sage Intacct, I believe we would have had to hire additional accounting personnel,” says Lare.

She concludes, “We consider MicroAccounting an extension of our team — they are fantastic. The partnership helps us be more efficient and make faster, more informed decisions.”