Sage 100 Cloud Hosting

In the investment world, it’s tough to decide when to keep or offload assets to maximize their value. After all, timing is everything! However, there is one asset you can count on to pay off now and deliver a return on your investment well into the future. That’s Cloud Hosted Sage 100.

The Path to Cloud Hosted
Sage 100

The average company changes its ERP software every seven years. If your software has been in place for several years now, you may be feeling the pressure to start looking for a new ERP solution. Maybe you’re wondering if you should switch to a Cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) ERP application to reduce IT expenses and support better remote access.

Read the datasheet: Sage Hosting Delivered as a SaaS Experience

In truth, while moving to a SaaS solution like industry leader Sage Intacct is the right next step for many of our clients, Sage 100 remains key to the growth and success of others. In large part because the software provides deep features and functionality continually expanded by Sage — as well as the ability to scale to accommodate additional entities and an increase in transaction volume.

At the same time, while staying with Sage 100 is the best choice for many companies, technology infrastructure challenges are driving an increasing number of them to move to a Cloud-hosted environment.

Overcoming Technology Barriers

As network systems, server configurations, and security protocols become ever more complicated, staying ahead of the technology curve can be a challenge. This often results in companies struggling with slow network speeds, clunky remote access, and unreliable backups — all obstacles to scaling that leave firms lagging behind when it comes to adjusting quickly to market changes.

A hosted ERP model, where you access Sage 100 through the Cloud, can eliminate these barriers, providing an advanced platform to build and grow your business.

Benefits of SaaS without the Downside

Moving to a Cloud-hosted solution has several of the advantages of a SaaS application, including automated back-ups, easier remote access, and minimal IT investments. At the same time, you continue to benefit from Sage 100 enhancements. Plus it’s scalable, with the ability to quickly extend resources to meet increased demand. Lastly, you’ll be able to preserve any third-party applications or custom development, which may be hard to replicate in a SaaS application.

Why Private Cloud Hosting for Sage 100?

A private Cloud is dedicated to a single organization, offering control, flexibility, and enhanced security. Maintained by third-party private Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Cloud at Work, a private Cloud-hosted Sage ERP model is the perfect fit for businesses that want to future-proof their operations. It offers improved remote access with built-in redundancy and backups, faster speeds, and more reliable data and reporting.

Above all, private cloud infrastructure is highly scalable, designed with technology that’s way beyond what individual companies can typically build in-house. As a result, best-in-class providers are able to expand quickly to meet increased demands.

Choosing a Sage 100 Hosting Provider

So you’ve decided to move Sage 100 to a cloud-hosted environment, how do you choose a provider? Our trusted partner, Cloud at Work, specializes in hosting Sage ERP software, with over 150 companies using Sage 100 in their Cloud environment. So they have unmatched expertise in the application, enabling them to provide businesses with an experience far beyond what a typical Private Cloud provider could offer.

Extending your Sage 100 Investment

In conclusion, your investment in Sage 100 is a smart decision for the long haul. By choosing to host it on a private Cloud, you can gain even greater rewards from your valuable asset now and for years to come.

At MicroAccounting we work in partnership with Sage-endorsed Cloud at Work to scale your Cloud solution to fit your specific needs and business processes. Watch the on-demand webinar: Cloud Hosting for Sage 100 to learn more. Contact us any time to discuss your options for moving Sage 100 to the Cloud.

Read the datasheet: Sage Hosting Delivered as a SaaS Experience