Help Yourself To All That Sage Intacct Has To Offer

We’ve become a self-service nation. Self-service technologies have grown exponentially and have gotten more sophisticated over time. Consider one of the first representations of self service, the ubiquitous ATM machine (which made its debut nearly 50 years ago!) and fast forward to today when physical banks are becoming nearly obsolete. Due in part to a growing “digital native” workforce and fed by a need for speed and convenience, companies across every conceivable industry offer self-service tools to tech-hungry consumers. Sage is no exception. Sage Intacct provides a myriad of self-service tools available both from within the software and from the action-packed Sage Intacct website. In case you haven’t yet availed yourself of all there is to offer, here’s a list of ways you can help yourself to Sage Intacct.

Help Is Just a Click Away

When you are logged in to Sage Intacct, on the top right of the screen is a Help & Support tab that provides contextual help for the page you’re on and also links you to the full help center.

Home Is Where the Help Is

The home page in Sage Intacct provides a link to the product’s release calendar, allowing you to review detailed information for the last four quarterly releases.

Show Me How It’s Done

The Sage Intacct Learning Center offers up dozens of free, short video tutorials on a variety of topics. Need something more in depth? Avail yourself of in-person, virtual classroom, and on-demand training for a fee.

A Community For When You Want To Reach Beyond Yourself

The Sage Intacct Community is a digital collaboration tool that allows you to connect with other users, find help when you need it, offer up and benefit from business best practices, and get the learning you need to maximize your use of the software. We took you on a tour of the Community in this article.

Shameless Plug

We’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that MicroAccounting also offers a full complement of Sage Intacct training, both on site and virtually. Plus, our support team is always available to answer your questions, help troubleshoot an issue, or offer problem-solving inspiration.

Self-service tools provide tremendous convenience, and Sage Intacct is committed to empowering its users with plenty of convenience. Let us know if you have questions or would like help accessing any of the tools we mention here.