Document Management with Automation

There is a financial cost for storing documents. Whether in a pile, file cabinet or network folder, retrieval consumes time. Fortunately, document management software excels at alleviating this problem. It dramatically reduces the minutes spent recalling documents, leaving what adds up to freed hours for more meaningful tasks.

Take Control with a Document Management System!

We recommend that you implement a solution that helps you regain control over your time and exert less effort searching for, working with and storing documents. At MicroAccounting, we provide proven solutions to onboard documents from network folders, email addresses, legacy systems and scans with or without Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

We offer different media for accessing files stored in the document management system (DMS). This includes mobile, web and the on-premise graphical user interface (GUI).

One component of the document management solution is storage. The DMS also allows you to create documents and automate routing through workflows. Additional features include email notifications with the ability to approve remotely (without being forced to log onto a separate application).

As documents are processed through the DMS workflows, they gather index information that can be presented and used in systems outside of the application. The DMS can also pull data from outside systems to add indexed values to stored documents. The result is a tightly secure center hub for viewing documents and related data in one location. Security is paramount. This applies at the company layer down to specific values associated with the document.

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