DocLink Version Control and Email Alerts, Two Features You May Not Be Using — Yet

We’re continually impressed with the functionality the team at Altec rolls out for DocLink. In this newsletter we try to keep you updated on what’s new. Still, we also like to loop in long-standing functionality that you may not be aware of, may have forgotten, or simply didn’t think could be of value. Here we highlight two features — Version Control and Email Alerts — that, while not brand new, are worth a new look to see if they can help your organization on its paperless journey towards greater efficiency. You’ll want to sign up and mark your calendar for the two upcoming webinars that will showcase these features in more detail: DocLink Email Alerts and DocLink Version Control.

DocLink Version Control 

Sharing and collaboration tools abound, and DocLink is a prime example. You can use DocLink to check out a document, edit it, and then check it back in. DocLink keeps copies of all versions of the document (how cool is that?) and allows you to tag the versions with comments to allow others to know why the changes were made. Version Control works with any “editable” documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Notepad.

DocLink Email Alerts

We’ve all become so reliant on alerts that I wonder if the sun would come up tomorrow if the moon didn’t remind it. But seriously, alerts are an invaluable way to help you stay on top of tasks and call your attention to changes you care about — and DocLink has alerts!

You can configure DocLink to send an email alert (or alerts) to individuals based on scenarios like these:

  • A contract stored in DocLink is close to expiring based on the indexed renewal date. For example, insurance certificates, employee training certifications, or your office building lease.
  • A document is sitting idle in a workflow for x-amount of time. For example, an employee expense report sits unapproved for three days.
  • A document is onboarded into DocLink. For example, when a W-4 is added to an employee packet, DocLink will email the HR team.

Join us for the two webinars: DocLink Email Alerts and DocLink Version Control. We’ll walk you through how easy it is to configure and leverage both of these features and offer additional ideas on ways you can incorporate them into your organization’s workflows. In the meantime, contact us with your questions.