Check Requests and HR Onboarding with DocLink

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been featuring common use cases where DocLink really shines. For example, in September we looked at how DocLink streamlines expense reporting and corporate credit card statement processing. In August we showed how it can power purchase order processes more efficiently. This month, we’re taking a different tack, discovering how DocLink can help you electronically manage two particularly time-consuming manual processes—check requests and HR onboarding. Be sure to sign up for our November 17th webinar on the topic here.

Streamline Check Request Workflow

Even if your organization relies primarily on purchase orders for your procurement process, there are times when you need to generate a check for an ad-hoc, non-purchase order invoice. In a typical organization, that can take days as the invoice is passed from desk to desk for approvals. In addition to the time wasted, there’s no way to track where in the approval process the check request sits, resulting in delays.

DocLink provides an elegant solution to this normally manual workflow. Simply create a DocLink Smart Form to serve as a check request form. When a non-purchase order expense is incurred, open a new check request form, attach a copy of the invoice, and submit it for authorization. The check request form will follow the routing you’ve established automatically (which can vary based on the check amount, vendor, department, etc.). As the check request works its way (automatically) through the approval chain, you’ll be able to track where in the process it is, and who may be holding up the flow. DocLink will send automated reminders to approvers when new documents are ready for review and when an approval step is overdue.

You can even include general ledger distribution data in the smart form, so that when the approved payment gets transferred into your accounting application no further action is needed to create an invoice.

Simplify Employee Onboarding Tasks

Onboarding a new employee is yet another paper-intensive process for most companies. Think of all the forms and documents that must be completed, shared, and securely stored.

DocLink is an ideal tool to help simplify employee onboarding tasks so you have more time to concentrate on your people, not processes. Here again, DocLink Smart Forms play a crucial role — both as collectors of employee information and as a checklist to track completed and pending tasks. You can capture every bit of documentation surrounding the hire, including the resume, offer letter, and W4, keeping them organized, grouped, and easily accessible.

We’re always thinking of new ways to put the document and workflow management capabilities of DocLink to work. Do you have a paper-intensive process in need of automation? Contact us to see how we can help. Remember to register for our November 17th webinar, How To Automate Check Requests and HR Onboarding with DocLink.