DocLink for Professional Services Organizations Security, Workflow Efficiencies and Centralized Communications Are Key

Professional services organizations may be a diverse group (accounting, advertising and marketing, architectural, management consulting, engineering, IT, technology, legal, and research services to name a few), but they share many common challenges. All must ensure the security of the documents they hold, all must be able to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders, and all must adopt workflow efficiencies that help them operate profitably. In our continuing series highlighting the power of DocLink in various industries, we look at how DocLink solves for the challenges professional service organizations face.

Ensure security and confidentiality of documents

Professional services firms often must walk the line between the free flow of valuable project information and the confidential nature of many of the documents they handle. Using the DocLink document management solution, you can control what each user can see and edit based on property values that you have configured — such as department, project or seniority. In addition, DocLink maintains a complete electronic audit trail providing you with an accurate record of document access and edits.

Centralize communication and consolidate information

Centralizing communication and making all relevant documents available to personnel when and where they need it is vital for the smooth operation of any professional services firm. Using DocLink, you can keep account documents in one repository for ease of access despite the number of projects and accounts open. In addition, regardless of the number of locations your business has (and especially during this time of remote work), every team member can have documents at their fingertips—via the web or mobile devices — and not worry about delayed delivery periods.

Promote workflow efficiencies

A 2019 report from Service Performance Insight — a global research and consulting organization that studies the professional services industry — found that companies using professional services automation tools decrease project lengths, increase billable hours, and enjoy higher margins. Key professional services automation tools are flexible approvals, automated alerts and the ability to effectively monitor and manage key project dates—all of which are DocLink capabilities. Use DocLink to provide users the flexibility to digitally approve/reject documents from any device, and schedule alerts and reminders for action items. You can automatically push customer/vendor contracts to approvers for review, then monitor expiration dates, schedule alerts, and track account information.

We encourage you to view any (or all) in a series of recorded webcasts diving more deeply into DocLink and the functionality we’ve touched on here by following the links below. As always, contact us with any questions.