Sage Intacct 2020 R2 Highlights Broad New Functionality Debuts May 15, 2020

Demonstrating clear evidence of the power of cloud computing amidst extensive work-from-home mandates, Sage Intacct continues to deliver on its commitment to quarterly new releases. Coming May 15, Sage Intacct 2020 R2 makes its appearance, and by the looks of things, working from home hasn’t slowed the Sage Intacct team down a bit. Below are the highlights of Sage Intacct 2020 R2.

Inter-entity transactions get even easier

Inter-entity transactions (IET) have always been a strong suit for Sage Intacct — turning what can be complex and time-consuming tasks into a seamless, straightforward exercise. Sage Intacct 2020 R2 goes even further, adding functionality that will save hours (maybe even days!) creating, troubleshooting, and reconciling inter-entity transactions.

A new centralized IET setup provides a single place to view and manage all your inter-entity relationships as well as mappings to inter-entity receivable and payable accounts in one clean, simple, and time-saving setup page.

Flexible subset eliminations now include flexible options to include elimination accounts based on the entities being consolidated.

Managing inter-entity transactions gets easier with expanded automation capabilities to support more complex GL inter-entity transactions across multiple base currency entities. And, Sage Intacct reorganized the way you view and report source and inter-entity balances, combining them into a single transaction, which improves visibility and eliminates the need for reconciliation.

Salesforce | Order Entry integration get more robust

Two leading cloud giants get closer, as the new release will streamline the synchronization of Salesforce opportunities to Sage Intacct orders. Salesforce users can synchronize opportunities to Sage Intacct with a simple click of a button or they can leverage Process Builder to fully automate synchronization workflow. For example, you can now configure the integration to automatically synchronize with Sage Intacct when opportunities reach a certain stage. In addition, importing and synchronizing Salesforce opportunities with Sage Intacct to create orders in bulk is now easier, faster, and more scalable.

Purchase Order email templates get fancier

The new release adds the ability to use custom email templates to create targeted communications for each vendor and/or each type of communication. Add merge fields to populate your emails with data from Sage Intacct, such as the vendor name or contact information, and even incorporate your own HTML markup in the email body to customize styles and content layout. You can assign your new email template to a specific transaction definition or vendor and Sage Intacct will use the designated email template when you send emails, either individually or as a group.

Construction functionality – Coming soon!

Sage Intacct continues to build out Construction functionality, and this release includes additional enhancements which are available to new customers in the Early Adopter program. If you’re an Early Adopter, contact us for additional details.

User experience continues to improve

Sage Intacct continually gets high marks for its friendly user experience and ease of use and 2020 R2 takes additional big steps in the right direction.

In the Reports Center a new Search option was added to make it easy to find reports. And, you can now categorize reports by report type or report audience for even quicker access.

Now you can convert a modal in a separate browser window with a click of an icon, dragging it to a different area of your screen or even a different monitor. You gain visibility into both pages simultaneously!

Ours is an increasingly global world. In 2020 R2, you can customize terms on the Terminology list by language and locale so that you can better suit the software to your users and business practices, wherever they may operate.

Platform and API features for the techies

Here’s a couple of new features that will surely appeal to the more technical among you.

A new Page Script Editor is a developer-friendly, enhanced editor to speed up page script creation and maintenance across all platform owned script components. Use it to take advantage of script naming, syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and more, to make coding speedier and more efficient.

Improved Page Script Debugging will speed up the debugging process by enhancing your ability to debug and identify your page scripts leveraging your browser’s native developer tools.

Get the whole scoop

Want to see Sage Intacct 2020 R2 in action, and learn about additional features and functionality? View our recorded webinar on the topic to gain additional knowledge, tips, and tricks.