Your Guided Tour Through the Sage Intacct Community

We’re all spending more time interacting with each other through digital channels these days — Microsoft Teams usage is up from 40 million to 75 million daily active users and Zoom grew from 10 million to 200 million daily meeting participants in three months. Some of us enjoy video conferencing more than others, but whether you’re a fan or not, there’s certainly an advantage to being able to collaborate virtually with colleagues, partners, and customers. We’d like to introduce you to another digital communications tool we think is of tremendous value to every Sage Intacct customer — the Sage Intacct Community.

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The Sage Intacct Community is a digital collaboration tool that allows you to connect with other users, find help when you need it, offer up and benefit from business best practices, and get the learning you need to maximize your use of the software. Here we take you on a quick tour of the Community.

Connect With Other Users

We all have something to teach, and something to learn, and the Connect neighborhood of the Sage Intacct Community is the place to make that happen. You can join various interest groups — for example there are industry-specific and location-specific groups that may be of interest to you — in addition to the default Sage Intacct Community group that all users are a part of.

Once in a group, you can ask questions, respond to other users questions, send private messages to other users, or simply scroll through the conversations looking for something that sparks your interest. You can elect to have the system email you with every new post, or a daily or weekly summation of posts to be sure you’re not missing anything good.

Find Answers and Request New Features

When you have questions about how to accomplish something in Sage Intacct or are experiencing problem or issue with the software’s functionality, you’re likely to find the help you need in the Support section of the Sage Intacct Community. (You can also contact us, too.)

Here you can browse and search the Knowledgebase which is filled with helpful information from Sage Intacct personnel. There are thousands of entries in the Knowledgebase, so it’s very likely someone has experience and resolved whatever you may be encountering. From the Support section you can also request a new feature or provision a new company.

Dig Deeper

If you’re like we are and want to keep on top of everything that’s happening in the Sage Intacct world, the Library neighborhood in the Sage Intacct Community is your kind of place. It’s the repository of all thing Sage Intacct.

Visit the Library to read new product releases, white papers, data sheets, recorded webinars, PowerPoint presentations from user group meetings and other events, and much more. A particularly popular section of the Community houses dozens of dashboard samples you can view and copy, along with how-to guides covering many topics of interest, like processing 1099s and credit card practicalities.

You’re Invited to Visit

Once you experience all the Sage Intacct Community has to offer, we’re certain you’ll make visits here a regular part of your work week. Pour a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and learn something new about the financial management solution your organization depends on. Here’s an idea: Once you become familiar with the Community, consider hosting a Zoom meeting of your own to introduce it to your team. Until then, if you have questions about the Sage Intacct Community — or about anything Sage Intacct, contact a member of our consulting team.