Windows Into Your Operation – Sage Intacct Reporting Tools

Reports are the windows into your company’s operation. Without reports, you just can’t see what’s happening. Reports can be tools for decision-making, evaluation, investigation, comparison, quick location, proper controls, and more. Sage Intacct offers powerful report writing tools that make it easy to gain necessary visibility into your organization. Here’s a quick overview of the reporting tools available.

Financial Report Writer — The Daily Workhorse

Sage includes the Sage Intacct Financial Report Writer as part of your subscription. It comes with over 150 standard reports — many of which you’re likely to already use. One great way to leverage those reports is to use them as the starting point for a new custom report. By adding and deleting data elements or changing the sorting and selection options, you can quickly create a new report that contains precisely the data you’re looking for. This report writer is exceedingly intuitive, meaning any user can create reports after some basic training.

The Sage Intacct Financial Report Writer is an everyday workhorse, consistently providing easy and targeted access to the data you need to make better, more informed decisions.

We held a webinar focused on Sage Intacct Financial Reporting earlier this month.  If you missed it, don’t worry, you may view a recording of the webinar here.

Custom Report Writer — Good for More Than Dollar Signs

While we most typically think of reports as organized lists of financial data, Sage Intacct also streamlines operational reporting. Using the Custom Report Writer, you can create reports to gain insight and answers from the unique information stored in your Sage Intacct database.

Your Custom Reports can include data from almost any record or transaction in the system and can include sort and selection options of your choosing. You can print the reports, export them in a variety of formats, and add them to dashboards.

Using the Custom Report Writer, you could create a custom report that displays vendor contact information. You control which vendors you want to include — active vendors in a certain region, for example — and select the details to include about each vendor. You can choose to sort and display the results to highlight what’s most important to you. Other examples of reports you can create using the Custom Report Writer are Customers by Territory or Purchase Approval History.

The Custom Report Writer has a simple, wizard-based user interface. However, its capabilities are not as robust as the financial report writer (or the Interactive Custom Report Writer, below) and it has less flexibility. It is available as part of your Sage Intacct subscription.

Interactive Custom Report Writer — For When You Need to Get Creative

The Interactive Custom Report Writer (ICRW) is a modern, visual reporting tool to address complex reporting needs, available as an add-on for Sage Intacct. It was designed to provide more powerful reporting functionality than the Custom Report Writer – and make that functionality more accessible.

The ICRW isn’t called interactive for nothing — you can see your report take shape as you build it. Add a data column (Customer Name for example) to your report, and immediately you’ll see your data populating your work-in-progress report. This preview is a beneficial add that customers tell us speeds report creation by better visualizing and tweaking the final product.

Even your most complex formulas won’t surprise the ICRW. Sage armed it with the ability to use powerful formulas — even those sophisticated if/then equations and date and calendar-based equations. The best part is that it’s easy and intuitive to create the formulas, and even save them to use across multiple reports.

We’d be pleased to help you learn more about Sage Intacct’s reporting tools. Contact a member of our consulting team today.