When QuickBooks Can’t Keep Up: Multi-Entity Organizations

Thanks to developments in technology businesses are under a lot of pressure to stay competitive by making smarter decisions, operating with less, and still achieve higher margins. Management, boards, and senior executives want on the spot data into the inner workings of their companies, specifically their finances. This forces finance teams to manage and report greater amounts of data than ever before.

It is important for finance teams to integrate front and back-office systems and automate core processes to deliver data timely and accurately. All of this is made even more complicated when a business is managing multiple entities or locations. Traditional financial management tools, like QuickBooks, are not meeting the needs of finance teams in this competitive business environment. A strong financial team needs a robust ERP to manage all the movable parts of a business with multiple locations.

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Managing multiple locations or entities creates the necessity to see more information in more ways. Finance leaders need faster consolidations, greater control to securely delegate tasks and information, and readily available reports. If your current system provides insufficient information, requires cumbersome manual processes, and lengthy closes then maybe it is time to consider your options and shop for something new.

Sage Intacct provides cloud financials and was designed to support the needs of organizations that operate multiple entities, in multiple locations, with multiple users, and even in multiple currencies. Furthermore, Sage Intacct has the tools to support multi-entity organizations as they transition away from smaller ERPs like QuickBooks. With consolidated information, secure controls on the delegation of tasks, and smarter reporting Sage Intacct makes the move to a stronger, more robust, ERP seamless.

As your company grows and the tasks of managing multiple locations becomes overwhelming consider Sage Intacct’s cloud-based accounting. Our consulting team at MicroAccounting knows how to seamlessly transition you from your existing system and introduce you to Sage Intacct. To hear more about our ERPs and Sage Intacct’s capabilities give us a call at 855-876-3773 or email us at [email protected].