What Makes a Tech-Savvy CFO?

Everything about the way you do business is changing, from how data is gathered and analyzed to how quickly critical financial decisions are made. How can CFOs be prepared to make the right decisions in the face of an uncertain future? Technology will be a key part of that future. So what does it take to be a tech-savvy CFO?

The tech-savvy CFO is agile.

CFOs – and CEOs – need to be able to quickly adjust tactics and make decisions to take advantage of changes in the marketplace and stay ahead of the competition, whether it’s to implement a new product or react to a problem in the distribution chain. To do that, they need real-time information about what’s working

The tech-savvy CFO understands the importance of scalability.

One of the challenges of on-premise legacy systems is the inability to grow as your business grows. With a cloud-based ERP system, solutions can be tailored to specifically fit your needs – and can be reconfigured with clicks, not code, as your business grows and your needs change. The tech-savvy CFO understands that with the right ERP platform, his IT department never has to worry about scaling servers or upgrading data centers to handle rapid growth or unexpected surges in users or transactions.

The tech-savvy CFO is forward-thinking.

Once you have the necessary real-time financial and operational data, you can turn your focus to ways to “future-proof” the business – preparing for changes in the competitive landscape, regulatory environment, and company needs. It’s important to think about how critical systems will work together, and to choose an ERP solution that “plays well with others.” The tech-savvy CFO understands the importance of integration across critical systems to ensure the necessary collaboration among key areas of the business.

Today’s robust ERP solutions allow tech-savvy CFOs to become key players in the growth of their businesses. Whether you’re moving off of Quickbooks or your current on-premises system, find out more about our cloud-based ERP software solutions, including Sage Intacct and Sage 100cloud. Call MicroAccounting today at 855-876-3773.