Unlocking the Power of Sage Data & Analytics for Sage 100

Businesses are constantly seeking more sophisticated ways to visualize, analyze, and derive insights from their data. Typically, that sophistication comes with a high cost—business intelligence reporting tools are notoriously costly and difficult to use. Enter Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A)—a cutting-edge yet easy-to-use financial reporting and dashboarding tool designed specifically for Sage 100 users.

What Makes Sage Data & Analytics Stand Out?

Launched as part of the Sage 100 2021 Release, SD&A is more than just another business intelligence tool. It’s a platform infused with AI and machine learning capabilities, capable of delivering more than just numbers. With SD&A, you gain insights. From live sales dashboards and intricate cashflow analyses to comprehensive P&L reports, SD&A brings your data to life in ways that were previously out of reach.

The beauty of SD&A lies in its simplicity. While packed with innovative features, there’s no steep learning curve. With pre-packed (yet fully tailorable) reports, dashboards, data models, and role-based analytics, even those with no technical background can dive right in. It’s business intelligence made simple.

A Closer Look at the Key Features

The No-Code Alternative

SD&A is crafted for everyone, not just the tech-savvy. Its pre-built data models, analytics, and dashboards ensure a hassle-free, user-friendly experience. The solution’s simplicity means it’s fast to deploy and easy to administer and maintain—which adds up to a quicker time to value and a lower total cost of ownership.

Instant Analysis

The solution comes with interactive sales dashboards, graphical cashflow analysis, detailed and trusted P&L reports, and more—right out of the box. Use them as is or customize them to create consolidated financial statements and other specialized reports.

Be Present Everywhere with Anytime Access

Whether you’re on the move, working from home, or in a meeting across town, SD&A ensures your data is just a click away. Access it from any device, anytime, anywhere. The solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure, not your organization’s servers, so there’s no additional IT burden.

Stay Updated with Real-time Data Analysis

SD&A links directly to your Sage 100 database—and other business applications such as Excel, CRM, HRMS, and more—delivering real-time data and ensuring you always have the latest insights at your fingertips.

Growth? SD&A Has Got You Covered

Whether you’re a budding business or an established enterprise, SD&A caters to all. With three editions (Standard, Advanced, and Premium), the solution will scale as you grow. Each edition offers a bit more in terms of user access, cloud storage, the number of Sage 100 companies, and additional data source connectors. We can help you select the right edition for your organization.

Security at the Forefront

SD&A provides for strict data governance controls, including rich multi-level security and user-friendly administration tools to ensure the integrity and security of even your most sensitive business data.

Harness the Power of Data-Driven Insight

As the pace of business continues to accelerate, decisions backed by data are essential. SD&A delivers this data in powerful yet simple ways. Dive deep into operational benchmarks, sales metrics, supplier performance, and more. The insights you gain will not only help you navigate challenges but also set you on a trajectory for success. Contact us to get started or if you have questions. Watch the on-demand webinar: How to Automate Financial Reporting with Sage Data & Analytics for Sage 100 for much more information surrounding SD&A.

Case Study: SANIFLO and Sage Data & Analytics