The Unique Reporting Needs of Family Offices

Single and multi-family offices have unique reporting needs that not all financial management systems can serve. Sage Intacct is one of the few systems that can cover the diverse needs of family offices. From navigating complex multi-entity consolidations, to staying abreast of changing regulations, and to gaining valuable insight through proper reporting Sage Intacct offers all that from a Cloud-based ecosystem with accessibility anywhere at any time.

Like all businesses, it is the goal for many family offices to eventually expand and gain more customers. But growing often leads to inefficiency with outdated ERP systems and manual processes. Not to mention the struggles of sharing information across locations if your organization grows to that capacity. And with the growing push towards remote work many of these accounting teams are looking to technology to fill the gap. These struggles have led many family-offices and wealth analysts to shop for a new system that can grow and evolve to meet their changing needs.

Learn how B-29 Investments, a family office, reduced operational efficiencies and gained valuable insight with Sage Intacct. Read the case study: MicroAccounting and Sage Intacct Pay Dividends.

As your family office grows, acquiring new and diverse portfolios, it becomes more and more difficult to manage and review all that data manually. With intuitive core accounting, a dimensional general ledger, continuous drill down and consolidations across multiple locations, and customizable and accessible reporting, Sage Intacct has the best workflow automation to manage the finances across these diverse portfolios.

At MicroAccounting we work with family offices to help them gain the needed reporting and insight to succeed. Learn more about Sage Intacct for Family Offices. To speak to a member of our Sage Intacct team contact us here.