SageCRM integrated with Sage 100 – The power of an integrated CRM system

Is your company struggling to manage your sales activities? Do you have a standard quoting process, or does each of your salespeople do their own thing? Do you have a formal system to follow-up on the quotes that you are sending out, or are you just waiting for customers to call back? Do your salespeople complain about not having current sales history information available to them? Do you have a central sales database that you can perform strategic and targeted marketing from? All of these challenges can be handled by a robust, and integrated CRM system.

Join this webcast to discover how implementing SageCRM integrated with your Sage 100 system can address these challenges. We will cover these key areas:

  • Central sales and marketing database for your company
  • The benefits of the Sage 100 integration with SageCRM
  • Quoting and opportunity management
  • A system for quote follow-up
  • Email marketing with Mailchimp