Sage Transform 2024 Highlights: Sage Plays A Winning Hand

Sage Transform is Sage’s annual flagship event to bring together its vast ecosystem of customers, partners, and industry experts. Moreover, the conference serves as a platform for education, connection, and inspiration within the Sage Intacct community. Sage Transform 2024 was held from February 25 to 29 in Las Vegas, NV. Here, we’re saying to heck with “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” and spilling the tea on what we learned.

A Jackpot of Innovation and Automation

During the Sage Transform 2024 conference, Sage announced significant milestones and expansions, further demonstrating its growth and commitment to innovation.

Sage Copilot—New AI-Powered Productivity Assistant

Sage is raising the stakes with the release of Sage Copilot. A new AI-powered productivity assistant, Sage Copilot will function like an extra member of your team, managing day-to-day administrative and repetitive tasks in real time. Significantly, Sage Copilot will enhance operational efficiency by automating processes, pinpointing inaccuracies, and providing actionable insights tailored to the needs of businesses and accountants. Furthermore, it supports tasks such as forecasting, cash flow management, and generating and dispatching invoices through straightforward, intuitive language commands.

Embrace generative AI with Sage Copilot for advanced financial management

At every touchpoint, Sage Copilot will emphasize precision, security, and reliability, backed by stringent encryption, meticulous access management, and adherence to data privacy laws. Therefore you can bet we’ll have much more information on Sage Copilot for you in the coming weeks and months. Here’s what one of our clients had to say about this exciting announcement:

When I first heard about AI and how it will change how we work, it was a little overwhelming. But after attending the conference I saw how much it can make us better at what we do and also allow us to see forward instead of always in arrears. I am very excited to embrace Sage Copilot! – Dana Smith, Controller, Little Rock Athletic Club

Enhancing Operations with Generative AI

Sage also announced it is betting big on an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that will significantly enhance how SMBs optimize their operations using generative AI. Sage will develop a domain-specific LLM (large language model) for accounting and compliance using Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Lex. Consequently, this specialized accounting and compliance-focused LLM will initially inform Sage Copilot and serve as a foundation to enable businesses to navigate local accounting and compliance applications. Powered by AWS, the LLM will be able to process and analyze vast amounts of data swiftly and efficiently.

More AI-Powered Features to Streamline Operations

Sage Intacct is raising the ante with additional AI-powered features and updates designed to streamline operations, automate workflows, and boost productivity. As a matter of fact, one new feature will help businesses optimize and automate project management tasks through powerful AI capabilities that improve efficiency with improved data and operational workflows. Updates include Sage Intacct’s AI-powered Project & Resource Management and Forms and Operational Flows, which provide greater visibility into resourcing and keeping projects on time while helping users work better and get more done.

A Complete Construction Management Solution

Managing Projects from Bid to Closeout

Sage is doubling down its position in Construction & Real Estate with innovative solutions that help construction businesses thrive. The company is expanding its construction portfolio to deliver the most complete cloud solution available in the industry, offering preconstruction, operations, and financial solutions. Solutions include Sage Estimating with BidMatrix, Sage Construction Management, and Sage Intacct Construction to allow you to manage projects from bid to closeout effectively.

These developments reinforce Sage’s strategic direction towards prioritizing AI to deliver comprehensive, automated, and integrated solutions to modern businesses like yours, enhancing your ability to manage finances and operations more effectively and efficiently​​.

Going All In On Accounting Advancements

MicroAccounting sent our team to Vegas, and many of our clients also chose to attend. They were particularly impressed by how Sage’s advancements could enhance their business’s capabilities and allow them to adopt a more forward-looking approach to their operations.

This was my first conference and I have to say that the Sage leadership team’s focus was on point for me. – Dana Smith

Sage Transform 2024—A Full House of Insights and Knowledge

To us, Sage Transform represents more than an annual meet-up. In short, it’s a window into the future of accounting and business management technologies. The insights and knowledge gained from such events empower us to serve our clients better through proven solutions and expert insights that streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and promote a forward-thinking mindset.

Will we be attending the next event? You can bet on it. Plan to join us in Atlanta at the World Congress Center from November 4 – 7, 2024.

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Meet Sage Copilot—Your AI-Powered Assistant