Sage Intacct – How Cloud ERP Doubles Its Value During Uncertain Times

We are living and working in unprecedented and uncertain times. The coronavirus pandemic is altering virtually every aspect of our personal and professional lives, causing us to reprioritize things, and challenging us to be our best selves. As many of us are now working from home, many organizations are finding it difficult to get secure, reliable access to their data. Just 12% of more than 1,500 people polled in a Gartner business continuity webinar on March 6 believe their businesses are highly prepared for the impact of coronavirus. It’s during these uncertain times that Sage Intacct cloud ERP doubles its value by providing anywhere, anytime, secure access to everyone on your team.

VPN’s Last Stand?

The pandemic has changed the way employees need to work. Many organizations have old virtual private network (VPN) technologies lacking the required licenses, updated features and adequate bandwidth to support all users working remotely and simultaneously. In fact, until just now, many considered VPN a dying technology. Rob Smith, Senior Director Analyst with Gartner, says, “Corporate VPN is an aging technology as organizations shift to more cloud-based services. However, in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, companies are realizing they have to fundamentally change the way they work.” And those companies not already leveraging an integrated financial management solution like Sage Intacct may be scrambling to get their VPNs back in a fully-operational state.

Real-Time Connected Cloud System

When financials run in the cloud, the data is available in real-time to your stakeholders wherever they are. Access requires nothing more than an internet connection.

A single, connected system, like Sage Intacct, that integrates easily with other cloud-based systems helps your enterprise eliminate time-consuming manual processes—many of which are difficult to accomplish outside the office—and take full advantage of the connectivity and digital features of today’s smart devices and applications.

Keep the Collaboration Flowing

Promoting communication and collaboration is hard enough when everyone is at the office, but with your workforce at home, it can be a real struggle to keep the information flowing. Enter Sage Intacct Collaborate, a secure messaging portal within Sage Intacct that truly boosts productivity and engagement, even from afar.

With Collaborate enabled, employees can create posts and relevant attachments that are stored along with the record in Sage Intacct. Followers can see and respond to the posts in real time, and all communications become a permanent part of the record. You can create both public and private groups—and Collaborate will notify group members when new posts are added. From the Collaboration Center, users can see all the activity relevant to them. A corporate directory makes it easy to bring others into a conversation. Collaborate even works back and forth with Salesforce, if you have the CRM solution integrated. Contrast this functionality to an email chain, which gets bumped around inboxes and ultimately lost in the archives.

Uptime Guarantee

In times of uncertainty, we’re all naturally concerned about security and accessibility. At a corporate level, Sage Intacct has taken steps to prevent or minimize service disruption by empowering a distributed workforce to operate from a home office in real time and collaborate with colleagues and customers as if they are sitting next to them. As of March 17, 2020, the Sage Intacct workforce is operating 100% remote.

Because of cloud-based systems and a highly distributed workforce around the world, Sage Intacct has had no disruption to its operations or ability to continue to deliver the highest levels of performance, availability, security, and support. It’s also important to note that the company has not altered its 99.8% uptime guarantee.

A Fan Favorite

Sage Intacct has much to recommend it. It has the highest customer satisfaction score for both Accounting Software and ERP Suites on G2, a leading business software review platform. These results are based exclusively on reviews by verified users of all the top software solutions in those categories.

Our consulting team is standing by ready to be of help as you navigate this new normal. Whether you’re looking for ways to maximize Sage Intacct for your team, or looking to migrate from a legacy system to a modern cloud ERP solution, we can help.