Sage CRM for Sage 100 – Integration Makes the Difference

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is alternately loved and cursed. On the one hand, businesses know that CRM provides the structure and functionality necessary to unite their sales, marketing, and customer service functions. On the other hand, CRM applications can be unwieldy — costly to implement, difficult to use, and disconnected from other business software. We’ve found that the secret to loving your CRM — to get the maximum user adoption rates and return on investment — is to select an application that is easy to use, right-sized for your business, and tightly integrated with your other business applications. For Sage 100 clients, Sage CRM ticks all the boxes.

Join us for a webinar: Sage CRM With Sage 100 — The Power Of An Integrated CRM System

SageCRM With Sage 100 – The Power Of An Integrated CRM System

  • Offers out-of-the-box Integration
    Sage CRM is the only CRM solution that offers out-of-the-box integration with Sage 100. Now, it’s certainly possible to integrate other CRM applications with Sage 100, but it will take more time, more effort, and more money.
  • Saves your organization money
    Sage CRM can save your company money. Suppose you’re currently paying for Sage 100 user licenses in order to allow your salespeople to perform tasks like adding new customers, creating quotes, looking up customer orders, or confirming payment terms. Sage CRM can eliminate the need for those licenses. Salespeople can perform all those tasks, plus many more, inside of Sage CRM.
  • Keeps data in sync
    When you rely on disparate systems to store customer information, it’s nearly impossible to keep the two systems in sync. Contacts leave the company. Email and physical addresses change. Credit limits go up (and down). Through its integration with Sage 100, Sage CRM keeps the two systems in agreement. As a result, you’ll have a single source of all things customer.
  • Supports better customer service
    Customer expectations for service are on the rise. One of the best ways to meet those expectations is to empower your staff with tools to provide a seamless customer experience. Seamless means not checking multiple applications to gather a full picture of the customer.
  • Flexibility empowers sales teams
    Accounting workflows are notoriously — and necessarily — rigid. But sales, marketing, and customer service workflows must allow for some flexibility. Sage CRM provides that elasticity with definable workflows, collaboration tools, and creative campaign management. Using Sage CRM, you can provide your sales and service teams with the flexibility they need to provide an exceptional customer experience — without messing with your books.
  • Promotes productivity
    For all of the reasons above, Sage CRM boosts the productivity and efficiency of your teams. Sales, marketing, and service personnel have access to the accounting information they need while working in a customer-focused application. Accounting personnel will no longer be called upon to answer routine questions about open invoice balances, credit limits, and prior orders.

We hope we’ve inspired you to take a closer look at Sage CRM. You’re invited to attend a webinar on February 22 at 1 Central: Sage CRM With Sage 100 — The Power Of An Integrated CRM System. We welcome our client, William Gann of Brandon Industries to explain how he improved sales productivity and visibility by integrating Sage CRM with Sage 100.

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