An all-around plus for Sage 100: PaperlessPLUS builds on what you’ve got and makes it better

Chances are you may have already started going paperless by utilizing the Sage 100 Paperless Office module. If so, consider taking the productivity one step further with PaperlessPLUS. PaperlessPLUS adds additional, specific advantages for customers who currently own and use Paperless Office.

What is PaperlessPLUS?

PaperlessPLUS by DocLink is a functionality bundle designed to provide a cost effective document management solution for Sage 100 users. It’s designed to work in conjunction with Sage Paperless Office, extending that module’s functionality, while adding additional workflow capabilities. PaperlessPLUS is an affordable integrated document management solution option for Sage 100 customers who own Paperless Office.

Is PaperlessPlus different from DocLink?

In our last article, we introduced you to DocLink (aka Sage Document Management). PaperlessPLUS is a “lighter” version of DocLink, still rich with functionality but not with the extent and reach of the full DocLink solution. We’ll be taking deeper dives into the full DocLink solution in upcoming articles.

What can PaperlessPLUS do?

PaperlessPLUS extends Sage 100 Paperless Office functionality by storing Paperless Office documents in the doc-link repository and indexing those documents for easy search and retrieval. PaperlessPLUS also goes further, giving employees secure access to Paperless Office (and other) documents without giving them access to Sage 100. Finally, PaperlessPLUS provides pre-configured document workflow functionality for the approval of vendor invoices.

PaperlessPLUS functionality can be categorized into three main areas:

Secure document access

  • Automatically capture Paperless Office documents
  • Easily search and retrieve documents without needing a Sage user license
  • Secure documents by company, document types, and other values

Use case: PaperlessPLUS users can search for and view a vendor’s invoice along with all payments made against the invoice without ever logging in to Sage 100. A great way to empower members of your team with the information they need to do their jobs, without providing them access to sensitive accounting data.

Flexible document capture

  • Capture and index Paperless Office documents
  • Capture and index any other document created internally or externally
  • Onboard new documents through email capture or scan to folder

Use case: A PaperlessPLUS user can save an emailed AP invoice to the doc-link repository after assigning the vendor and general ledger distribution (and many other attributes), and then route the invoice for approval.

Automated workflow processes

  • Process vendor invoices through a pre-configured workflow
  • Easily assign GL codes by invoice line
  • Streamline approvals for vendor invoices and automatically import them into Sage 100

Use case: After capturing a payables invoice, a PaperlessPLUS user can instantly route the invoice for approval to an approver — who can review and approve the documents by email, without ever logging into PaperlessPLUS.

Should I start with PaperlessPLUS?

PaperlessPLUS leverages Paperless Office functionality, reducing the costs of configuration, implementation and training a full document management solution like DocLink, while still providing significant advantages. The incorporated workflow capability facilitates the payables review and approval process and provides greater visibility and control over where documents reside at any given time. PaperlessPLUS moves your organization further along the migration path to the paperless office we’re all striving for.

Our consultants can help you determine whether PaperlessPLUS is the right solution at the right time for your organization. Keep in mind, a simple upgrade path exists to take PaperlessPLUS users to the full version of DocLink if and when you’re ready.

Learn more about PaperlessPLUS by viewing an in-depth recorded webinar on the solution.