Sage 100 Cloud Hosting – Public, Private, Or Hybrid

Selecting the right Sage 100 cloud hosting solution is crucial for aligning your company’s IT infrastructure with its goals. Therefore, this decision involves navigating the differences between private cloud and its public and hybrid cloud counterparts.

Public Cloud Hosting

The public cloud hosted environment utilizes a shared infrastructure model, serviced by giants like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. As a result, this model can offer scalability and cost-efficiency. Conversely it may lack control, customization, and performance stability. These are essential factors for businesses with unique requirements or sensitive data handling needs.

Moreover, a public cloud solution can introduce complexities for Sage 100 users, leading to increased expenses, potential delays, and frustration. Lastly, the reliance on intermediaries (also called layers), from managed service providers to smaller cloud services, creates a convoluted accountability chain, complicating issue resolution and sometimes resulting in finger pointing.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid cloud acts as an intermediary, combining the benefits of both private and public clouds. The hybrid model is particularly useful during gradual cloud migrations. That’s because of the ability to use on-premise software like Sage 100 alongside cloud-based data storage and application access. Above all, this model supports a mixed data center environment where some applications are cloud-based (public or private), while others remain on-premise. These on-premise applications are accessed through an internet connection with virtual desktops via network or VPN. In fact, many of our customers continue to run applications outside of the cloud, making hybrid cloud more of an approach vs a separate hosting option.

Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

The private option, offered by a cloud hosting provider like Cloud at Work, creates a dedicated data center environment for Sage 100 within a public cloud, offering enhanced privacy and control. Consequently this solution is ideal for Sage hosting, merging the convenience of cloud access with the enterprise grade security and dedicated resources of an on-premise setup.

Unlike public clouds, where resources are shared across multiple tenants (companies), private clouds enable customization to meet specific business needs and regulatory compliance. Furthermore, this hosting option typically provides superior performance guarantees due to dedicated resources, offering peace of mind. These guarantees are critical for Sage Software ERP and other resource-intensive business management applications.

Public, Hybrid, and Private Cloud Hosting

Why Choose Virtual Private Cloud for Sage 100 Cloud Hosting?

Opting for the private hosting option for your Sage application brings several advantages for Sage 100 customers:

Dedicated Resources

Ensure your operations are insulated from the “noisy neighbor” effect common in public clouds.

Customization and Control

Tailor your hosting environment to meet the specific needs of your Sage 100 system, akin to an on-premises setup.

Enhanced Security

Benefit from advanced security measures to minimize cyber threats, including dedicated firewalls and access controls, keeping Sage 100 sensitive data secure while ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery.


Enjoy the security of a more controlled environment for your Sage applications with the added benefit of scalable cloud infrastructure.

Direct Expert Support

Gain direct access to Sage 100 experts through Cloud at Work, avoiding the delays commonly associated with public cloud intermediaries.

Your Next Step Towards Sage 100 Cloud Hosting Excellence

In conclusion, determining the most suitable cloud hosting solution for your Sage ERP system is pivotal. By understanding the distinctions and benefits of each hosting model, you can make an informed decision.

We partner with Cloud at Work to provide Sage 100 cloud hosting for your Sage 100 accounting software. Contact us to explore your hosting service options and find the right fit for your business.