Sage 100 2023 Release

Drumroll, please—Sage 100 2023 is here! There’s a lot packed into this release. Here we’re highlighting the most significant updates. Join us for a webinar: Sage 100 v2023 Is Here – Learn All About It to see the new functionality in action. You can also find all 40 new features and enhancements in the Sage 100 What’s New Guide.

Global Capabilities

Delete Image Viewer Within Image Viewer

Sage has updated the Image Viewer in Item Maintenance and Miscellaneous Item Maintenance so you can now delete an image (if you have the appropriate security). The delete feature is available based on a new security option in Role Maintenance intuitively titled, “Allow User to Delete Image Files with the Image Viewer.”

iShip Has Left the Building

Sage has replaced the iShip tracking tool. Now, in data entry tasks when you click the Tracking button, the tracking ID is used to determine which carrier the package belongs to, and you’re redirected to the appropriate site. The carriers handled automatically are USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and OnTrac. If the package ID does not belong to one of these carriers, you will be redirected to a Google search with the package ID.

Crystal Reports Receives a Long-Awaited Update

Sage 100 2023 makes use of SAP Crystal Reports version 2020. Crystal runtime components (SP30) are the same version as in Sage 300, Sage Fixed Assets, and Sage HRMS.

Join us for a webinar: Sage 100 v2023 Is Here – Learn All About It

Accounts Payable Module Changes

Keep Sensitive Data on a Need-to-Know Basis

Security and privacy are top concerns, and Sage 100 2023 makes two improvements to address them.

  1. Masking the 1099 vendor taxpayer ID/Social Security Number in data entry tasks: The number will also print masked on the Vendor Listing, Vendor Listing with Balances, and Vendor Mailing Labels. Only users with the appropriate security setup can view this sensitive information and access the Print Unmasked Taxpayer ID/SSN check box option. The check box is available based on the new security option in Role Maintenance. Again, Sage gave the option a highly intuitive label: “Allow Viewing, Printing, and Editing of Highly Sensitive 1099 Information.”
  2. Masking ACH bank account and routing numbers: The vendor electronic payment bank account and routing numbers are now masked in data entry tasks and will also print masked on the Vendor Listing. The routing transit numbers are also masked in ACH Maintenance. Only users with the appropriate security setup can view the information and access the option to print the data field unmasked. The check box is available based on the new security option in Role Maintenance, and we bet by now you can guess what it’s called.

Inventory Management Changes

Remove the Clutter (or add it back)

  1. Hide inactive warehouses using a new “Display Quantities for Inactive Warehouses” check box added to the Additional tab in Inventory Management Options to allow you to hide inactive warehouses by default. You’ll also find a new Show/Hide Inactive Warehouses button in the following locations:
    • Main tab on Item Maintenance and Item Inquiry
    • Quantity tab on Item Maintenance and Item Inquiry
    • Reorder Maintenance
    • Item Quantity Inquiry
  2. Hide zero quantities for lot/serial items using a new “Display Zero Quantities for Lot/Serial Items in Cost Detail” check box. Lot/serial items with zero quantities on the Cost Detail tab in Item Maintenance and Item Inquiry will be hidden by default when checked.
  3. Remove inactive items with no history using a new utility added to the Inventory Management Utilities menu. After running the utility, the Activity log is updated with a list of inactive items removed.

Select a Range of Serial Numbers

Sage added a “Select Serial Numbers by Range” button in Lot/Serial Number Distribution. Click it to select serial numbers using a range instead of scrolling through the list to find the starting and ending serial numbers. This enhancement works throughout the following modules:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Order
  • Production Management
  • Return Merchandise Authorization
  • Sales Order

Inventory Requirements Planning Module Changes

The Following New Options Were Added to IRP Options:

  • Pull In Work Ticket check box
  • Push Out Work Ticket check box
  • Round Integer Unit of Measure check box
  • Base Effective Date on Release Date of Demand check box
  • Calculate Build Time for Make Items Using field

The Following New Fields Were Added to Provide More Flexibility to the IRP Generation Process:

  • Effective Date field
  • Include Sales Quotes check box
  • Explode Make Action field
  • Create Work Ticket with Materials From field
  • Default Lead Time (Days) field
  • Default Build Time (Days) field
  • Advanced Arrival Allowance (Days) field

New Reports Menu and Reports to Fill It

A Reports menu was added to hold the following reports: Action By Vendor Report, Inventory Requirements Planning Report, Projected Demands Report, and Work Ticket and Sales Order Demand.

Additional IRP Enhancements

And finally, there’s a roundup of additional changes to the IRP module in the Sage 100 2023 release.

  • If you do not integrate your IRP module with Production Management or Purchase Order, you can now click Production or Purchase to view a report of inventory demand.
  • In Items to Produce and Items to Purchase, you now have the option to view summary information for items with pending actions.
  • Item Detail now displays the recommended action, action date, and required date to meet demand for each detail record.
  • You can now schedule the IRP generation process with Library Master Task Scheduler.
  • Inventory Requirements Planning Inquiry has been added to the Inquiries menu. Use it to view purchase or production information for an item based on the last completed IRP generation process.

The Production Management Module Gets a Lot of Love

The Sage 100 2023 release includes a long list of changes, improvements, and efficiencies to the Production Management module. The list, in fact, is too long for us to do it justice here. If you’re using the Production Management module, reach out and we’ll ensure you get the lowdown on what’s new and improved.

Get Your Ideas Out There

Many of the new features highlighted here directly result from user requests. Have questions about the new release or suggestions for Sage? Visit the Sage 100 Ideas site to submit your ideas.

Sage 100 2023 is live now. We’re here to answer any of your questions—just reach out! And be sure to join us for the what’s new webinar to see this new functionality in action.