DocLink Drives the Data Home – Remaining Productive in the New Normal

As we find ourselves and our businesses in a new normal created by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s vital for organizations to embrace the tools that help them continue to work productively from wherever they may be working. DocLink is a powerful asset in this effort, providing secure yet easy access to the forms, documents and approval processes that keep your company running.

Laying the Groundwork

For employees mandated to work from home, help ensure that they are equipped to be productive. Do they have tools like laptops, a camera for video calling and security software to protect their—and the company’s—data? How about a reliable backup solution, just in case?

Web Client Brings the Data Home

To keep employees productive and engaged, opt to leverage the cloud and the DocLink Web Client to get direct, 24/7 anywhere access to key documents and systems, including the vital documents and workflows that underpin your organization’s operations.

The DocLink Web Client provides access to DocLink documents through a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox). Almost all of the functionality available in the Smart Client is available in the Web Client. The Web Client can be used both as a portal for business partners and as a web client for your company’s DocLink users. The Web Client respects the user roles and security settings you’ve established, ensuring that users have access only to the appropriate documents.

In addition to simple, secure shared access, the workflow approvals you’ve established are supported by the Web Client, meaning you can continue to route documents and Smart Forms just as if you were working in the office.

Return On Investment

In uncertain times like these, companies need solutions that deliver a rapid return on investment. If you have not yet implemented a document management solution, now could be an ideal time. An IDC study showed a five-year return on investment (ROI) of 404% for document management implementations. Half of the organizations in the study had a payback as early as six months.

A modern document management system like DocLink unifies your content on one platform so that users can automatically access and share information without toggling between applications or sending an email. Stakeholders can create, send, store and manage documentation in the same platform using the same formats to eliminate redundant work and capture the right information.

Authorized workers can automatically access needed documents without requesting or waiting for them. With documentation activities completely automated and information digitized, collaboration becomes easy and productivity rises. Using the workflow routing features, companies can streamline and expedite routine processes while gaining visibility not possible with paper systems.

An Integral Part of Your Business Continuity Plan

While the global coronavirus pandemic may not present a physical threat to your company’s data, having a business continuity or disaster recovery plan in place is essential to any organization. With your business documents archived in DocLink, you have the peace of mind that vital company history will remain secure and accessible.

We encourage you to view any (or all) in a series of recorded webcasts diving more deeply into DocLink and the functionality we’ve touched on here by following the links below. As always, contact us with any questions.