Ready to become a tech-savvy accountant? Here are some tips.

Accounting professionals frequently claim that they don’t take advantage of new technologies because their clients won’t use them. But it’s often their own aversion that keeps them from adopting technological solutions that could improve their efficiency – and their client service.

The good news is that there are some steps any accounting professional can take to make the move toward becoming a tech-savvy accountant.

Spend time now to save time later.

We’re all susceptible to avoiding new ways to do things because it feels faster to do it the way we’ve always done it. And in the short term that may be true. But if you take the time now to learn new technologies, it will save time down the road.

Put the client first.

Employing new approaches and new technologies isn’t just about making your life easier. It’s also about delivering a better client experience. When you are proactive about providing new technological solutions to your clients, it shows them that addressing their challenges is your first priority.

Need some help? Just ask.

Would you rather work with paper than the cloud? It’s ok to admit that. Then reach out to more tech-savvy coworkers to help you learn and adopt new technologies. And don’t assume that it’s just your youngest colleagues who are the most comfortable with emerging tech.

Choose the right partner.

Evaluate technology providers carefully, and choose one who will be your partner from implementation through rollout, to onboarding and managing periodic changes. At MicroAccounting, we’re committed to your ongoing success and provide a dedicated specialist to work with you beyond implementation.

Start with small steps

You don’t have to do it all at once. Choose one place where technology can make a difference and start there. Or select a few of your clients who are most open to using technology and introduce a few changes. Then roll out your most successful efforts to your entire client base.

If you’re ready to become tech-savvy and make the move to a cloud-based accounting solution such as Sage, MicroAccounting can help. Call us today at 855-876-3773.