A New Approach to Creating Reports

The recent Sage Intacct release includes a new Interactive Custom Report Writer (ICRW) that offers a whole new approach to creating custom reports. The new ICRW allows you to tie reports together and to drill down from the main report to the tied report. With the added flexibility, you can choose options such as including a time hierarchy on a report and expanding it to show when transactions occurred, creating reports that allow users to set their own filter limits, and adding additional grouping to your reports. Key highlights include:

  • New drag-and-drop capability
  • Real time visibility into the report data
  • No more needing report wizard to create reports
  • Available only in the new Action UI
A New Approach to Creating Reports | MicroAccounting

Requirements to use the new advanced interactive custom report writer include:

  • Subscription to platform or customization services
  • Subscription to Interactive Custom Report Writer or Interactive Custom Report Writer run only– additional fees apply
  • Permissions for Interactive Custom Report Writer: business, project manager, warehouse
  • Permissions for Interactive Custom Report Writer – run only: business, employee, payment approver, project manager, platform, warehouse, XML
  • Enable Action UI
  • Permissions for the report and the data it contains

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