Eyes on the Prize – Looking Beyond Short-Term Gains to Long-Term Value

Companies typically buy a new ERP or financial management solution to solve business problems. You’re seeking to address pain points in your operation and measure the effectiveness and value of the software solution you select in terms of how well and how quickly it solves those pain points. It’s natural to tend to look for a rapid return on investment (ROI), calculated in transactional terms such as faster invoice processing, more rapid period closes or streamlining consolidations. But what if this short-term ROI is only the tip of the iceberg? What if long-term value is really the pot of gold we should be seeking?

Cloud model delivers long-term value

Sage Intacct has powerful capabilities today and it gets better four times a year as quarterly releases are rolled out. Rather than the static model associated with on-premise ERP solutions, cloud solutions like Sage Intacct are dynamic and constantly evolving. There are at least five ways this model serves to add continuing value and ROI.

  1. Each release boosts the value of your investment—think of it as getting paid a dividend every quarter.
  2. New releases are seamlessly introduced into the code base without disruption to your operations.
  3. With a shorter list of features included in each quarterly release, you have a better opportunity to understand and take advantage of each and every one. (Your MicroAccounting consulting team can help ensure you know what you’re getting and how you can put it to best use.)
  4. With new functionality being introduced quarterly, there will certainly be new elements you can use: features that dramatically speed a specific workflow, for example, or reduce the need for a third-party application.
  5. You’re always running the most current version of the software. Any company who’s faced a massive upgrade will understand the value of this.

Here we’ve been stressing the long-term value of a cloud solution like Sage Intacct, but we understand the importance of achieving some rapid, measurable short-term gains as well. Sage Intacct customers, on average, enjoy a ROI of over 250%, with an average payback period of under six months. These are impressive numbers that are sure to satisfy even the most impatient among us. But here’s the important thing to keep in mind: The early benefits will snowball as your organization gains momentum with Sage Intacct, freeing additional resources for strategic initiatives and supporting faster, more agile decision making, and turning short-term gains into the ultimate long-term benefits. So, for both the short and the long-term, investing in a modern cloud ERP like Sage Intacct boosts your ROI potential, taking it from a static, fixed commodity to an annuity—continuing to deliver benefits over time. Questions about Sage Intacct? Contact a member of our team for answers.