It’s Here! Sage 100 2021 is Available Now

Sage 100 v2021 was released in late April, and it’s a feature-packed release. Sage is listening, as many of these features started as suggestions on the Sage 100 ideas site. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most significant functionality you’ll find in Sage 100 Version 2021.

Company Types

A new Company Type field was added to Company Maintenance, allowing you to designate a company as Live, Archive, Demo, or Test. The new type is visible in the title bar of your task windows making it easy to identify.

Enhanced Security

Version 2021 includes many significant changes and improvements to role-based security settings in the software.

There are now pre-defined role templates that make it faster and simpler to create role-based security profiles for your business. It’s easy to print a report with a detailed list of the permissions associated with each role — a valuable SOC compliance feature.

Furthermore, Role Maintenance was optimized to allow a multitude of new capabilities, including:

  • Quickly assigning and removing users to roles
  • New role “types” like Admin, Auditor, and Employee
  • Enhanced search and filtering capabilities to find tasks and security options easier
  • Easily apply changes to multiple roles

Electronic Delivery Logs

Paperless Office now keeps a detailed log of invoices, orders, journals, etc. sent through Sage 100, confirming that emails were sent (or faxes faxed) without any issues. The log retains the most recent date and time the document was sent, the user logon of the person who sent it, the status of the submission attempt, and the recipient’s email or fax number. You can view those logs through two new queries — one for customer documents, one for vendors.

OAuth Authentication for SMTP Mail Server

Sage 100 now allows you to select between two authentication methods to use when connecting to the SMTP server: Basic (the way it works now), and OAuth (Open Authorization). The new option is an open standard authorization protocol used to grant access using access tokens instead of sharing a username and password. If you use email providers which require 2-step authentication (like Gmail or Outlook) OAuth will allow you to use these providers in Sage 100.

64-bit version

A 64-bit version of Sage 100 is now available. Talk to us about this one if you’re interested as there are a few details you’ll need to consider.

Bigger Check Number

The Check number field was increased throughout the software from 6 to 10 characters.

Detailed Purchase Order Receipt Inquiry

The Purchase Order Receipt of Invoice inquiry now shows all the line details, rather than simple summary.

Purchases Clearing Report from History

The Purchases Clearing Report can now be run from history. Run this report after running period end processing, so you can get the information needed to reconcile the purchases clearing account at any time.

New Company Copy Options

When copying a Sage 100 company, you now have the option to copy form and report settings, default form selections, custom forms, and custom reports.

Suppress Sales Report Prompts

Rather than be prompted through the potentially six daily sales reports, you can set the reports to print automatically.

Wait – There’s More!

There is plenty more in Sage 100 2021.  Please join us on Wednesday, June 16th, at 11:00am CDT for a webinar where we will focus on what’s new in this latest release of Sage 100.  You may also contact us for a complete listing of the new features. Do note that some of the features are only available if you have Sage 100 through a subscription plan.

As always, reach out to us with your questions.