Adapting in crisis: how your small business can succeed during a global pandemic

The global pandemic rages on, is there something small businesses can gain from these trying times? If managed properly, the current economic landscape can serve as an opportunity for small businesses to innovate and adapt for success. While you may feel like you have no control over societal factors that affect your industry, now is the time to seize opportunities to ensure your business survival. Below are five ways to keep your business running in times of trouble.


The most important thing to remember in times of crisis is to maintain control of your head space. Try and center yourself amidst the chaos and find perspective. Take a deep breath and remember that the nation has seen moments like this before. Our country has faced financial downturns, recessions, and natural disasters and survived. Focus on yourself and those in your immediate circle and try not to let the global aspect of the pandemic consume you. Take the time now to make a mitigation plan, by planning rather than panicking you recoup valuable time to take progressive action.


The next step, after you have centered your thoughts and formulated a plan, is to communicate with your staff and your stakeholders. Make sure your team knows the plan for moving forward and that they have an open channel to discuss any concerns or ideas they may have to sustaining business as usual operations. Once your team is on board it is important to communicate your business plans with your customer base. Make sure your customers know they can rely on you to maintain processes even though times are tough. Now could prove to be an opportunity to gain customer loyalty through proactive customer service.


If you have not already, now is the time to find avenues to adapt business operations. Look to technology to modify your current processes to meet the needs of a remote workforce. Utilize all available solutions to ensure business operations go on as smoothly as possible while everyone stays safe at home. Sage has a fleet of software solutions to help your team through this time of crisis that can also improve your company’s efficiency for better business practices in the long run.

Reach out

Now is the time to ramp up your company’s digital presence. Use social media as a tool to market your brand. Take time now to rethink your current marketing strategy to work with the current climate. Tailor your messaging to address how your company has made changes to operations during this time and connect with your customers and potential business opportunities.


For all of this to work you must rely on your remote workforce. Provide your team a venue to discuss what is working and what is not and their thoughts and ideas for improvement. Find tools to bring your team together virtually. With secure real-time data and analytics at their fingertips, your staff can adjust to the new challenges with the flexibility to collaborate without disruption. Sage has the solutions you need to achieve remote collaboration all while cutting manual processes. In doing so your team can become more efficient, saving you time, money, and a headache.

Small businesses face an ever-evolving business landscape due to the challenges of Covid-19. Hopefully, the tips listed above can help you keep your team on track. MicroAccounting has the solutions to help your team succeed. For more information call us now at 855-876-3773 or email us at [email protected].