4 Reasons to Replace Paper Documents By Going Digital

Document management software (DMS) might seem complicated, but it’s actually a great way to simplify your workflow and make life easier. While there’s something comforting and familiar about having pieces of paper neatly organized in filing cabinets, those documents are just sitting there — when they could be working hard to create data you can use to maximize profits. In fact, with DMS you can reduce risks, save time, cut costs and maximize your ability to seal deals with stellar customer service. Here’s how:

1. Reduce unpreventable risks

When you rely on paper documents, you’re at the mercy of natural disasters, social chaos and even insect infestations — all of which can bring your business to a grinding halt. By going digital, and backing that data up, you can bounce back from disaster much more quickly. And that time equals money.

2. Streamline

DMS saves time by streamlining the document management process, freeing up your employees for more important tasks. It allows you to get ahead without sacrificing quality, while providing instant access to your documentation. Even if your paper documents are well organized, it takes time to retrieve them manually. And if the documents you need are in another building — or another city — you can forget about instant access. Your customers want responsiveness, not excuses. By automating with DMS, you can streamline the entire process.

3. Save money

We’ve already shown how DMS can save time. But it can also save money. Consider all of the office expenses you have every quarter. Printing, copying, faxing, mailing, storage…not to mention the payroll expense to provide workers for these tasks. When you switch to DMS, you instantly reduce those document handling expenses.

4. Speed up decisions

Indecision is expensive. DMS gives you instant, smart, organized data you can use to make informed decisions quickly. How? When you properly catalog all types of data from your clients, customers, vendors and shippers, you can quickly evaluate it — and just as quickly act on it. Digital data also ensures you always have the information you need right when you need it. No hunting. No searching. No delays.

Still unsure whether DMS is worth the investment? Just ask one of our extremely happy clients — Standard Sales Company — who has already made the switch:

“Before our company began using DocLink DMS, our payables process was completely a paper one. We coded invoices using spreadsheets, and then the invoices were sent to the corporate office for data entry and payment. The whole process for our company took over 300 work-hours a week, for everyone involved. With DocLink, we were able to reduce the number of hours spent on the payable process by 95% and cut our shipping/postage costs by 51%. Our staff loves the ease of using DocLink. They now have all the invoices at their fingertips when a vendor calls inquiring about an invoice. Plus, they are more productive with the time saved each week. We’ve been using DocLink since 2014 and have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in supply costs and increased productivity. I would highly recommend this DMS to companies looking to automate their workflow and go paperless.”

Darla Lashomb,

Document management solutions come in different sizes. Find out how DocLink — or any of our other DMS products — can help your business prevent risk, save time, save money and speed up decision making. Contact MicroAccounting at 214.800.5500 to discuss how to take your business digital.