Help your accounting team succeed from home with Sage Intacct

Companies across the country are struggling right now with making business work when their employees can’t come together in one space. Covid-19 has forced the American workforce to rapidly transition their teams to online officing. Our team at MicroAccounting was setup a few years ago with the capability to work remotely with full access to our systems. We have been fortunate to operate with a team spread out over several states telecommuting daily. This experience with a remote workforce has been an asset when implementing Sage solutions that help our clients achieve a digital transformation moving their accounting systems to the cloud.

Until recently companies were motivated to make a digital transformation by the need to upgrade existing processes to meet the demands of changing market dynamics. Covid-19 has accelerated that need for many organizations. The frightening dilemma today is where and how to start that transition to move daily business processes to the cloud. Sage has a vast product line of solutions to assist a remote workforce. Sage Intacct is the leader in cloud-based financial management solutions. Their cloud-based platform, global infrastructure and operating model, with 24/7 customer support teams help ensure your accounting team can access your data and keep working from anywhere at any time. Utilizing two primary server warehouses in the United States, Intacct can backup data continually to keep their customers up and running. A fully cloud based accounting platform, like Sage Intacct, allows customers to run their businesses with team members spread out across the globe. If your accounting staff has access to a computer with internet, your entire platform can continue to function. Approval workflows will continue whether staff are in the same room, across town, or in different parts of the world entirely. This means that business can operate as usual, even with your staff isolated at home to maintain a healthy workforce in the face of Covid-19.

Life is turned upside down for everyone right now. As Covid-19 creates a rapidly changing business landscape it is more important now than ever to utilize technology to keep your business running smoothly. One thing you can count on is MicroAccounting’s ability to provide the services you need to keep your team on track. Give us a call at 855-876-3773 and let us know how we can serve you and relieve at least some stress during these trying times.