Fuel Business Growth with Technology That Fits Your Needs

A modern business management solution like Sage 100cloud delivers greater efficiency for businesses on the rise.

It happens to every growing business: Sooner or later (mostly sooner) the accounting software you’ve used since the beginning no longer fits your needs. Maybe you recognize some of the growing pains:

  • Lack of ability to manage financials and operations in one place.
  • Inability to integrate changes to the business.
  • Decreasing visibility into every part of your business.
  • Concerns about staying compliant in a complex regulatory landscape
Fuel Business Growth with Technology That Fits Your Needs | MicroAccounting

The essential checklist of attributes to look for in an ERP solution

Today’s cloud-connected ERP solutions automate key business processes across finance, operations, marketing, sales, and manufacturing so companies can confidently scale more effectively. As you conduct your search for the right ERP, consider the following1:

Does it tailor to meet your needs?
A modern business management solution will give you the benefit of a huge ecosystem of third-party applications, making it easy to customize your solution to meet your unique needs.

Does it offer cloud-connected agility?
A cloud-connected business management solution will give you the benefits of rapid innovation, collaboration tools, and mobility, without having to give up the security and familiarity of an on-premise application.

Does it improve your visibility into your business?
The right ERP solution should offer a single, holistic view of your business, connecting core processes to create a streamlined approach to finances while providing greater visibility into all aspects of your operations.

Does it simplify financials and compliance?
Modern ERP should keep you ahead of the latest regulatory requirements, allowing you to manage your financials quickly and effectively while maintaining compliance and supporting industry best practices.

Integration is especially important for manufacturing and distribution companies. Inventory that sits in your warehouse is cash your business could otherwise be using. A properly integrated business management solution can deliver huge dividends in the form of reduced inventory cycles, more efficient warehouse operations, less paperwork—including the reduction of duplicate data entry — and better order accuracy.

Does it have room to grow?
As your business grows, your ERP solution needs to evolve to accommodate more suppliers, more customers, more competition, and more geographies. Scaling needs to be seamless, quick, and cost effective.

Does it respect your budget?
ERP solutions represent a significant investment, so make sure you don’t spend on features you don’t need—and that your solution has all the features you do need. Look for budget-friendly payment plans, or find a provider that offers versatile deployment options.

Does it meet your needs?
Look for an ERP solution that supports best practices across a variety of industries. In short, know what you want from your solution before you buy it. At the very least, that will narrow the wide field of choices.

Does it accelerate implementation?
A solution that can be implemented quickly and without pain is one that can help drive business immediately without unexpected ongoing support and/or additional headcount, which shifts the focus of IT away from business-driving responsibilities.

Does it offer integration across your business?
Check to see how seamlessly an ERP solution can be integrated with other systems. Connecting accounting, business intelligence, CRM, supply chain, and human resource management applications—and linking them to customers, suppliers, and other business partners—can streamline operations, dramatically reduce lead times, and add value to your business.

Does it make it easier to do business?
A user-friendly solution with a clean, intuitive interface will make your ERP solution simple to adopt across your growing business teams and functions, increasing usage and productivity while decreasing user confusion. An important consideration here is to automate low-value, manual tasks, which streamlines financial management and helps to eliminate errors.

Reap the benefits of cloud-connected business management solutions

For more than 30 years, Sage has provided businesses with insight, tools, and the support they need to succeed. Sage ERP solutions can help you improve how you manage all of your core business processes with minimal IT investment so you can:

  • Run your entire business faster—end to end, immediately, anywhere.
  • Simplify every part of your operation—and be more cost-effective than traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
  • Scale to meet your evolving business needs—ready to support industry-specific best practices, adaptable to company processes, and ready to expand.
  • Access collaboration tools in the cloud without giving up the familiarity and security of an on-premises application.

Our products were designed to answer every point in this checklist. By making the right selection, your solution can help you achieve:

  • 35% incremental growth from simpler access and effective use of data across the organization.2
  • 75% faster process cycle time.3
  • 75% faster customer response time.3
  • 73% increased productivity.3
  • 57% faster inventory turns.3
  • 16% reduction in administrative costs.3

Next Steps

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1 “Best-in-Class Strategies for Selecting an ERP Solution,” Aberdeen
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