Four Ways DocLink Speeds and Simplifies the Audit Process

The word AUDIT strikes dread and fear into any accounting department. Because an audit usually means your team will end up spending way too much time hunting down documents requested by auditors. Audit preparation typically is a time-consuming and stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. Combined with a robust ERP or accounting system, a document management solution like DocLink can speed and simplify audit preparation. Below are four ways DocLink can help.

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 1) Access to Complete and Accurate Records

The most time-consuming part of an audit is simply collecting the necessary documents. DocLink speeds your access to the documents by keeping them in one central, secure, and searchable repository.

  • Ensures documents are searchable and retrievable
  • Supports a consistent document retention period (indefinitely, until you remove them), so documents are available upon request during an audit
  • Establishes a solid form of version control, documenting changes
  • Documents can be securely shared with auditors

2) Maintain the Security and Integrity of Documents

DocLink stores your vital business document in a secure electronic vault, helping to keep the documents safe and accessible.

  • Flexible and highly-granular user-based security
  • Version control with version history
  • Electronic documents are securely stored in the DocLink vault
  • Provide auditors with direct access to DocLink or provide them access to only the documents you share via a remote lite version, free of charge.

3) Supports Data Retention Policies

DocLink supports your data indefinitely, based on your retention policies, and is a seamless and convenient way to store, search, and access even a vast amount of data.

  • Supports your record retention policy surrounding electronic documents and data
  • Documents are accessible from anywhere and any smart device

4) Maintains Comprehensive Audit Trail

Just like your accounting software needs to maintain a robust audit trail, your document management system does too.

  • Maintains a full audit trail behind each document
  • Easily see what happened, when, and who made the change(s)

DocLink truly proves its value during the audit cycle. Ultimately a paperless audit makes it easy to gather related documents, easy for auditors to review, and easy to see your structured workflow processes and the rules you’ve put in place to ensure compliance. We’d love you help you implement DocLink into your organization’s workflows. Join us for a webinar on 6/23: Slash Audit Prep from Days to Hours with DocLink or contact us to learn more.