Five Crucial Benefits DocLink Provides Organizations in the Healthcare Industry

During this global health crisis, healthcare organizations of all types and sizes are striving to continue delivering high-quality patient care while lowering operational costs. Reducing overhead and increasing efficiency are two proven ways to lower operating costs and DocLink by Altec provides functionality designed to do just that. Here we consider five ways DocLink makes an ideal fit for organizations within the healthcare industry.


1) Providing secure electronic storage

The typical healthcare office handles tens of thousands of documents and images each year, including patient/client charts, information forms, insurance claim forms, explanation of benefits, treatment authorization forms, HR materials, and more. In many offices, these documents are ultimately stored in file cabinets. Storing paper documents is risky, expensive, and inefficient — and mostly unnecessary.

Electronic document storage using DocLink is secure, cost effective, and efficient —saving healthcare organizations time, space, and money while ensuring vital documents are accessible when needed.

2) Supporting a remote workforce

Before the global pandemic hit, an estimated 34% of healthcare workers were working remotely at least part of the time. We can only assume that percentage has now grown significantly. In order to be productive when working remotely, healthcare workers must have secure electronic access to relevant documents.

An electronic document management solution like DocLink provides the accessibility remote workers need to securely access the information they need to work productively. Read more about how DocLink can help organizations and their teams to remain productive during this time here.

3) Replacing paper forms

We’ve been prescribing the use of DocLink Smart Forms for years. Medical offices are awash in forms, many (if not most) of which could be translated into electronic forms, thereby eliminating the time spend collecting, re-entering and storing the paper forms. Organizations can improve customer service through the use of configurable DocLink Smart Forms to gather and store patient/client information and personalize the delivery of pertinent documents.

DocLink Smart Forms are particularly well suited for the healthcare industry where detailed traceability is necessary, as the forms can be configured to:

  • Perform sophisticated validation of the data
  • Provide visibility into the form’s location and status
  • Auto-assign certain unchangeable values (e.g. date)
  • Document every action and reaction through audit trails

4) Automating workflows and routing approvals

Among the thousands of documents handled by healthcare organizations, most must be shared with others within and outside the organization. In addition, many of those documents must go through an approval process. Without automation, these are labor-intensive tasks that increase an organization’s overhead.

DocLink offers the capability to distribute documents to both internal and external parties automatically based on pre-configured routing and workflow rules. These workflows dictate how the documents move through the organization for input, approval, and processing. Organizations can establish an unlimited number of workflows to handle every type of document. These routing and approval capabilities provide visibility and control for the vital document processes that are a part of every healthcare organization.

5) Securing confidential information

Confidentiality is a requirement for every healthcare organization, and maintaining confidentiality is exceedingly difficult when patient/client information is stored in paper form.

Using DocLink, organizations can grant access rights through user-based permissions to prevent visibility of confidential information to unauthorized parties, while facilitating easy access to those who need it. In addition, DocLink can ease and streamline the audit cycle by allowing organizations to control the data auditors see during frequent reviews, providing them access to the only information they need.

Prescription for success

Particularly during this crisis, healthcare organizations must find efficient ways to lower overhead costs while ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining high levels of patient/client satisfaction. DocLink is an easy-to-use yet powerful, integrated document and workflow management system that enables healthcare providers to store, access, manage, and share critical documents across a broad range of functions, departments, and locations — thereby minimizing overhead and driving greater customer service, security, and efficiency. Contact one of our DocLink specialists to discuss your organization’s requirements.