Eliminate App Overload

Is your organization using a multitude of business apps without a centralized technology strategy? Do different teams use different data to measure performance? Is there a significant disconnect between your front office and back office? If so, you may be suffering from app overload.

App overload is a common problem among growing companies. As your business grows, your teams grow, and each team chooses the business tools that best meet its specific needs – often without considering the implications for the rest of the company.

The result? Disconnected systems, processes, and data. App overload leads to:

  • Lack of collaboration among departments
  • A multitude of disparate platforms and vendors
  • Reliance on cumbersome manual processes to extract and analyze data from multiple sources
  • No real-time data visibility
  • Operational complexity
  • Reports that can’t be customized to deliver the information you need
  • Slow response to critical business developments and demands
  • Lack of a comprehensive picture of your company’s performance

The cure? An integrated, cloud-based accounting solution that consolidates all your business data so that you have a single source of real-time information. When you connect your customer, accounting, and financial data on one platform, you get:

  • A single view of your organization
  • A unified, single source for your critical business data
  • Access to the system from any device, in any location
  • Customized reports that deliver the specific performance measures to drive profitability
  • Real-time access to the information you need
  • The ability to segment and analyze data from multiple perspectives
  • Elimination of information silos
  • Improved collaboration across the organization
  • Synchronization between your front office and back office functions

Investing in new technology can result in big rewards, but it’s also a big decision. Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider an automated accounting solution:

  • Talk to the right people. Each app was chosen by a person or a team to meet a specific need. It’s important to involve those individuals in the review of a new solution.
  • Have a transition plan that defines timelines, budgets, and key stakeholders.
  • Buy-in from key business users is critical to the success of any consolidation. And make sure your entire workforce knows about the changes, and how they’ll benefit the organization.
  • Launch the new system in phases. This allows you to launch, test, and improve in small steps before rolling a new system out to the entire company.
  • The right training will speed up adoption and allow you to realize the benefits more quickly.

Eliminating app overload will streamline business processes, provide the information you need to make more intelligent, strategic decisions, and improve profitability. Ready to eliminate app overload? Sage 100 can help. Call MicroAccounting today at 855-876-3773 to find out more.

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